Lona Chamari Mohini Mantra

A lot of Shabar Mantra; including some which have been published on this site in the past invoke Lona Chamari. The name Chamari originates from the word Chamar; the Cobbler Caste of India.  The mantra given here is a Lona Chamari Mohini Mantra; used for the attraction of females.

Lona Chamarin is a much used phrase in Vashikaran and Mohini Mantras. Lona Chamari or Chamarin was said to be a most powerful Siddha practitioner of the Shabar Tantra in the early Middle Ages.

Some sources state that Lona Chamarin was a Sorceress who possessed strong occult and magical powers. She is associated with the region Kamru Desh; an ancient name for some of the regions of the Indian state of Assam. This was one of major centers of Tantrik worship.

This mantra is a Kanthasthya Siddhi Mantra; mastery is gained by full remembrance and the ability to chant the mantra clearly and without stumbling whenever required. The Prayog is done by holding a flower in the hand and then chanting the Mohini Mantra to bind the flower with the mantra. Then the flower is thrown in the direction of the women who the Sadhak seeks to enchant and bring under a spell of attraction. The spell is said to be so powerful that the women becomes hypnotised and enchanted by the Sadhak and becomes attracted to the Sadhak; like a Bee is to a flower.

A most powerful Mohini Mantra Sadhana of Lona Chamari
Lona Chamari Mohini Mantra

Before commencing the attraction experiment the Sadhak has to make an offering of 1 Coconut and 5 dried Dates to Lona Chamarin. This offering can be kept in an open place and should face the East.

However as mentioned in earlier articles this Sadhana is for the advanced Sadhaks and not for everyone.

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  1. 1. Should the dates and coconut be kept everytime before commencing the experiment?

    2. Should the woman who I have to attract, be in front of me, or can be anywhere in this world, but should be in te same direction?

    3. How will the flower or the mantra come to know whom I wish to attract? Means if I have to attract one woman, and there are around 10 in that direction, how will the mantra work?

    4. Is this Saattvik or a Taamsik one?

    1. Yes the offering is made every-time before a new experiment.
      It is the flower which is infused with the mantra and when a infused flower is thrown at a woman it does the attraction work,so the Tantra says there is no need to remember the woman.
      The Sadhak has to see the woman when throwing the flower in her direction.

  2. What should be done with the offering once the sadhana is completed.can it be consumed as prasad.

  3. Will it work even if I don't know that lady personally?

    Also, when I throw it in a crowd, should there be no one standing between me, her and the flower or it isn't necessary?

  4. Should the flower touch the lady?

    Should I know the lady from first itself, or we can also perform on strangers?

    If there is someone else standing between the targetted person and me, will it work or the path between me, the flower and the lady should be clear always?

    Are its effects immediate?

  5. Dear Sir,

    I have attained siddhi on this mantra, and I practised it recently.

    I picked up a rose close to my mouth to abhimantrit it, and then I followed the woman whom I wished to attract.

    It did not work.

    Please can you confirm as what problem can it be.


    1. Success or failure is in the hands of the Sadhak; firm belief is a must.

    2. Sir I have read that Lona Chamari was a very powerful sorceress.

      Please can you furnish a few more details about her and give some more mantras, as I am told by a native of Assam that any mantra given by her and practised gives immediate success?

  6. Please tell me full sadhna vidhi in hindi
    My email is dhavalseta9@yahoo.com call9408187270


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