Will Syria Attack Trigger Of World War 3

Will the attack on Syria trigger of World War 3? I have used the word “the” instead of “a” purposely, as it seems near certain the US lead coalition is hell bent on war; at any cost. France has turned out to be the biggest supporter of the US sponsored military action. In the past few years we have published some startling prophecies of Nostradamus and what will trigger off World War 3, where it will take place, what will be the consequences and what it means for the World.

We are not certain if the attack on Syria will be the cause of World War 3. However all the Quatrains of Nostradamus, which I think are related to this great and destructive war, which probably cumulates in a World Climax, are broadly indicative of the following events?  These are the 10 landmark events; there are still a lot more contained in the Prophecies of Nostradamus.

1] The War takes place in the Middle East.
2] A major part of the War will take place at sea.
3] A Great Fleet is going to be destroyed and sunk; this will be due to the use of Chemical or Nuclear Weapons.
4] A lot of blame will fall upon France, French neglect or carelessness.
5] France will be devastated by Weapons of Mass Destruction. Missiles will rain upon France destroying large cities.
6] Some of the destruction will spread to Italy and probably Switzerland.
7] The atmosphere in the Middle East and Europe will be poisonous, toxic and harmful for living beings. Water will become poisonous.
8] Important Military Bases and Ports will be destroyed. A small island will be sunk.
9] There will be a Nuclear Explosion at Dawn somewhere in the US; a new city New York? is destroyed.
10] The War will spread like wildfire to other regions of the World; very few will not be affected.

Note – All these predictions are based on the interpretations of the Quatrains of Nostradamus and do not contain any personal opinion or bias.


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