Muslim Rakhwali Mantra

Today I am publishing a Muslim Rakhwali Mantra; Rakhwali means to keep a protective watch over someone or something, like a gaurdian and this Shabar Mantra is actually for that very purpose to keep a protective watch over the Sadhak, while the Sadhak is travelling through dangerous terrain.

Let me explain briefly how this Mantra Prayog was put into practice by the Sadhaks of the Middle Ages. While on a journey through a forest, mountainous region, river bank or any such isolated region, when the Sadhak got tired and wished to rest, he first arranged his bedroll on the ground. Then he circled around his bedroll and chanted this mantra. After chanting the mantra he clapped loudly.

The louder the clap the more effective the mantra. The area around him where his clap could be heard came under the protective shield of the mantra. Then the Sadhak could rest peacefully, without worrying about any dangers and harmful influences coming his way as the mantra was keeping a protective watch for him.

As mentioned in earlier articles the Sadhaks of yesteryears were in a spiritually advanced state of existence and to get Mastery over such mantras was relatively easy for them. The Mastery over this mantras was gained by memorizing it by heart and having the ability to chant it clearly and without stumbling.

This mantra is for the highly advanced Sadhak of today. Those who can get Siddhi by simply memorizing this safety mantra.

A Muslim Travel Safety Mantra
Muslim Rakhwali Mantra

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  1. Sir please publish Only hIndu mantras.muslim mantra are not for we hindus

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I am not a highly advanced Sadhak, but I ve mugged it up, and I can reproduced the same whenever required, so have I gained Siddhi over it, and is it fine for me to use it now onwards?

    Also, can it give protection against human enemies?

    Means can it be used by women who travel alone at night to protect against lustful beasts, or someone who is entering a unsafe place?

    Also is it necessary for a Siddha Sadhak to use it when he/she is stationary or can also help for people who are travelling?


    1. You can use it if you have firm faith in what you are doing.
      The Sadhana can also help people who are not stationary; provided they follow the steps given in the post.

    2. In the above mantra, there is MORI TAALI in Hindi/Urdu and MERI TAALI in English, so which one is correct?

      Also is DHAAR pronunciation same or different as in MAD KI DHAAR and MURGA DHAAR, or different, and if different, shall I pronounce it as Dhaar as in Dheeraj, or as Dhaar as in Dheeth?

    3. The Hindi Pronunciation मोरी is correct and it is मद की धार and मुर्गा ढार; exact English translation is not possible for the Dhaar.

    4. Thanks a lot Sir.

      Last question: You have said that it is for a highly advanced Sadhak, so can't a layman like me, who can just mug up things correctly, practise it?

    5. You can try if you are spiritually developed it might succeed.

    6. How do I do the circling when I am walking?

      U say that the Sadhak circled around his bedroll, so I am asking.

  4. Sir, God is one and mantras are for benefit of mankind, though born in hindu family, I love God in all his forms and religious manifestations. Please continue to give us the mantras from your vast treasure of knowledge. Whether Muslim, Hindu, Christian , Hebrew,Egyptian, Voodoo black magic spells,Sabhar or tantrokt mantras does not matter . What is important to me is that the mantras give results ,it does not count from which source the blessing come it is important that the mantras fulfills my needs. Please leave the option of choosing the mantras to us, do not restrict the flow of mantras from your wealthy treasure , I'm here with outstretched hands ready to fill my joli.
    I request you to please give mantras for winning court cases, curing baldness, for everlasting youth and beauty ,getting slim trim body, curing obesity , increasing height and mantras to protect women from rapists.
    Thank you Guruji.

  5. i m 27 5'3"...i want be 6 ft.
    cn yakhini sadhana help me? can i successfully do ratipriya yakhini sadhana?

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  7. Sir if you say "spiritually advanced" or "highly advanced", please can you explain what it really means?

    And also, if a layman like us want to come into this spiritually advanced category, how shall we start or what should we do?

    1. That depends upon the Sadhak, it is for the Sadhak to realise himself if he has reached that level and has mastered and gained success in Tantrik Sadhanas.
      There is no magic wand for the layman to come to the advanced Sadhak category, it is a ongoing process of learning and takes time and experience.

  8. sir.. how many times one should chant above mentioned mantra

    1. Once and that too very loudly. The louder the clap is, that far it will be heard and the larger area will be covered by the protection mantra.

  9. Sometimes when I am in bed and I feel nervous or anxious, I chant this mantra and clap. It gives me somewhat a soothing effect and I leave everything over this mantra to be dealt with.


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