Hinduism's 5 Great Sacrifices

Pancha Maha Yajna or the 5 great sacrifices have been spoken about in the Vedas. This is not a complicated or difficult task at all; in fact it is a very simple Sadhana and even a lay person can easily practice it. The Pancha Yajnya were practised to purify the mind and body of etheric impurities. An etheric body is the invisible energy or aura which surrounds the physical body.

Sometimes due to misdeeds committed it gets clogged with becomes impure and starts attracting low or impure energies. This has a corresponding effect on the physical mind and body. Today I will tell you how to perform the 5 Maha Yajna. These are simplified procedures for the layperson; yet as effective as the ones prescribed and conducted by eminent Gurus.

Dev Yajna – Every day offer a teaspoon of Pure Ghee to the fire in the morning.  A small Havan is necessary for this purpose, the Ghee can be of a Cow or a Buffalo.
Rishi Yajna – Every day offer some food to a Cow.
Pitru Yajna – Offer some food to a Crow after 12 O’clock in the afternoon.
Manushya Yajna – Everyday offer some food to any man or woman; including a guest. It can be anything like a chocolate, biscuit, snacks, food, soft drink or beverage.
Bhoot Yajna – Every day keep some Sugar in a place where small black ants are normally seen.

The Vedas say that performing the 5 Maha Yajna frees you from the sins committed during the course of your life and heralds in a peaceful atmosphere which frees you from enemies, debts and other such harmful influences.

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