Harmonise the 5 Elements in your Home

Feng Shui as well as Vastu Shastra gives some guidelines for harmonizing the 5 Elements of nature; the Pancha Dhatu; in your home or office. Harmonizing the 5 Elements is said to bring stability into your life and give protection from the sudden ups and downs in life; it also accords happiness, popularity and prestige.

Today I will tell you about a simple procedure, which can be applied by anyone and it, does not require you to purchase any expensive Feng Shui items from the market.

Choose the Living Room of your home to practice this remedy. Take a clean and undamaged Crystal Bowl and place some water in it; put some Coins into the water. Then add some Petals of the Rose or any other flower having a nice fragrance. Then put a Candle in the water.

The Water represents the Water Element [Jal Tatva], Coins the Metal Element [Dhatu Tatva], the Flower Petals the Lakdi Tatva [Wood Element] and the Candles the Fire Element [Agni Tatva]. These 5 Elements are as per the Chinese tradition; the Wu Xing.

This is all that has to be done to balance the 5 Elements; remember to keep the Crystal Bowl clean and change the water, candle and flower petals at regular intervals.

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  1. hello sir,

    how long per day should the candle be lit

    best regards, Robert

    1. The candle has to be kept in the water and not lit.

  2. hello sir, kindly let me know as to in which direction the water bowl should be kept in the Living Room? Secondly,which metal coins should be used-copper/silver/coins used in daily life?Thirdly,if fragrant flowers are not available is there any substitute for it?Lastly, should the water be changed daily and in how many days it's effect will be seen?
    with regards,Rewa.

    1. The Bowl can be kep in any place in the Living Room.
      Any coins; including one rupee coins can be used.
      By fragrant flowers is meant those flowers which give out some scent any scented flower is recommended.
      The Water can be changed every 2 to 3 days.

  3. Water represent [Jal Tatva], Coins - [Dhatu Tatva], Flower Petals - [Wood Element] and Candles - [Agni Tatva]. Sir, only four elements r here mentioned which we need to considered as fifth element.. Please suggest..


    1. The ones mentioned are the 4 elements with Prithvi[ Earth] the fifth. The home is the ground where the other 4 elements are kept, it is the Earth element.
      This is as per Chinese Philosophy and not as per the Hindu Pancha Maha Bhutas.


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