Kuber Mantra to open Blocked Fortune

This is a Kuber Mantra to open Blocked Fortune. It is the experience of many capable persons all over the world; that no matter how hard they try; how many Mantras, Tantras, Sadhanas; they perform or practice; their prayers are simply not answered. Such people experience that nothing goes as per plan and success always remains elusive; as if it is avoiding them.

One of the reasons given in the Tantra is the probability of past and present life sins; blocking their progress. This Kuber Mantra Prayog is said to be effective, in giving relief to the cases mentioned earlier.

The Prayoga is thus – As per your financial position and purchasing power; buy a Gold Leaf; with the figures of Laxmi - Narayana ; engraved on it. On the other side of the leaf; get a figure of a Man engraved.

Then install this gold leaf on a Copper Kalash; by placing a Yellow colored piece of cloth on top of the Kalash and then placing the Golf Leaf on it. Then worship this Gold Leaf everyday; with the offering of incense, oil lamp and scented flowers.

Then start chanting the Kuber Mantra given here in this post. The Mantra has to be chanted 100,000 times in all; this can be done by chanting a fixed number of chants every day. Ladies if performing this Sadhana; have to take a break; during the period of their Menstrual Cycle.

When the 100,000 chants are completed; a person of good character should be offer food and the Gold Leaf should be given as Daan to that person.

A Hindu Mantra to open your blocked fortune
Kuber Mantra to open Blocked Fortune

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I am Poonam from Mumbai I am a physically handicap girl. my DOB is 25/10/79 time 2.45am I am not getting any success in my life since 10 year m trying for government job and also apply for many exam but not get possitive result. I am not getting success in any field I am trying my best but result always come negative. So please suggest me any mantra or anything by which i can fulfill my dreams..

  2. Dear Poonam,The Mother Shakti inside you will help you get success !

  3. Dear Sir,

    My name is Mdm Kaliammah GC Pallikondan. My luck is always deem and I used to miss fortune only by split of an inch. My DOB 2/8/1964 (3am). A very deprived childhood with burden of poverty.
    Though I had seen many downfalls in my life I still manage to struggle to come up. Please advise any manthras that bring peace to my mind. Tq

  4. Respected Guruji,
    Can I recite the above Kubera Mantra 100000times or more without using the golden leaf,copper kalash etc which will give me the benefit of recitation of the Mantra. Kindly reply.
    Ranganatha Rao

    1. This is a specific Kubera Mantra Experiment, which has to be performed as described in this post.
      You can try the other Mantras published in the Kubera Mantras Section.

  5. My aviary path close money any other but plz help hoi is i am poor not debit +94726048798


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