Yantra Prayog for Adverse Planets

A most common worry of many people is how they are being affected by adverse and malefic planetary combinations. Astrology give numerous remedies; including mantra, tantras and yantras to reverse this astrological condition and pacify malefic planets. A Yantra Prayog for pacifying adverse planets is what this post is all about.

The Yantra given below is a Graha Badha Nivaran Yantra which is specific to this prayog. It has to be drawn 1100 times, with a mixture of the Curd of a Cow and Rakta Chandana, on Bilva Leaves; also known as the Bael Leaves; dear to Shiva.

Then once these 1100 yantras are prepared, they have to be offered; one by one to an Agni Havan. There is no need to chant any mantra or prarthana, while making the offerings to the Havan.

An experiment using a Yantra to pacify malefic planets
Yantra for Adverse Planets

Kindly note that the Yantra has to be written using a writing instrument made of gold; even a small gold pin will serve the purpose. The figures can even be written in the Hindi Language.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    As far as my grandmother tells me that planets become bad when one's deeds are bad. If someone has done something bad in this birth or previous birth, will that be pacified by this prayog?

    Also, do we have to do it everytime one's planetary conditions go bad, or doing once will also protect us from planetary conditions going bad in the future?


  2. Dear sir
    If I can not find Bael leaves and Red Chandana, is there any alternative for that. Please reply.
    Thank you

    1. No you have to use these item for the purpose of this Mantra Sadhana; Rakta Chandana is readily available in most shops dealing in religious items and Bael Leaves are very common in India.

  3. Dear sir
    I do not live in India that is why I asked for alternatives.In us it is very hard to find these kind of things.
    Thank you

    1. This remedy is specific to these ingredients; there are other remedies you could try.

  4. should it in one sitting or can complete it in a couple of days

    1. The Yantras can be prepared in a couple of days; but the havan has to be done the same sitting.

  5. Guruji, if i use any weight paper sheet to write this yantra.

  6. Dear Sir
    What other remedies, I can try for Rahu mahadasha. Could you please suggest any thing which I could do to help him.please reply.
    Thank you

    1. You can look around the sections on astrology and remedies.

  7. Sir, writing on the bel patra has to be done on the middle leaf or all the three leafs.



  8. Dear Sir,

    Desperately need your help and guidance for the below.
    01) since 2014 there has been health and job issue the job are not stable for more then one year.
    02) Have been operated for right foot ankle fracture,and dvt operated on the same leg,
    03) On the same right leg in this year start infected with bacterial infection accounting to cellulitus.

    My Details.
    Name:Daniel Kashinath Sonkamble.
    date of birth:02.02.1972
    Place of birth:Pune
    Time: 09.40 pm

    Please give your valuable guidance as what is my saying in horoscope and what are the remedy.
    to overcome on.
    01) To get a stable job.
    02) The health issue to resolve (bp/sugar)and some thing or the other comes up regularly.
    03) There is no consistency in the income and money is not saved from the earning so want some remedy the money can stay and increase.

    Please share me your guidance on danielks369@yahoo.com.

    Warm Regards
    Daniel Sonkamble


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