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Mantra Remedy to Cure Baldness

I am getting many requests to find a specific mantra or remedy to cure baldness and enable re-growth of hair. I have searched most of the Indian Tantras and have found just one Mantra Prayog for the specific purpose of curing baldness. Friends please note that I cannot vouch for this experiment as I do not have any creditable examples of people being cured using this Sadhana.

Surya Mantra to cure Ringworm

There is a simple Indian Tantra, using a Surya Mantra to control and remove Ringworm, which I have given in this post. This is not a replacement for any existing medication and hence can be practiced along with the ongoing medical treatment for ringworm .

Muslim Mantras and Tantra

Islamic Mantras, Yantras and Tantra are the Muslim counterparts of these unique Hindu practices. A large percentage of Muslims in India retain their traditional and ancient cultural heritage and languages and hence since ancient times these Tantric practices are a part of their culture and day-to-day lives. If one studies the Muslim Shabar Mantra, one will not fail to notice that the basic structure and language of these compositions is similar to that of the Hindu Shabar Mantras. Islamic Spiritualists and Yogis like the famous Guru Ismail Yogi who composed these mantras were also the followers of Shabar Vidya and by extension the Nath Sampradaya.

Vastu Devta Yantra - Mantra Prayog

This is a Vastu Devta Yantra – Mantra Prayog to make your home free from outside negative vibrations and energies and make the inner energies of the home harmonious so that an atmosphere of peace and tranquility prevails in your home. Hindu Tantra has given great importance to the science of Vastu Shastra ; hence, such remedies are in great demand in India.

Water Vashikaran mantra for Wife

Vashikaran Vidya gives some strange Tantras for the purposes of attraction and enchantment. The experiment given in this post is one such strange Vashikaran Mantra experiment, using water to put an enchantment spell upon any woman. This mantra is suitable for putting the wife under a Vashikaran Spell .

Microgridded Communications in Space

The source asteroid for robotic refining and constructions had up on two opposite pole towers microgridded communications cubes. The faces of such cubes had microgridded complex molecular sensors/senders able to sense light wave portions reaching them, or to send out properly timed light wave portions which would combine to produce light wave communications beamed to possibly several directions.

Money Attracting Yantra for Puja Place

This is a rare Yantra for attracting money. The Yantra has been handed over generation after generation by the Guru- Sishya Parampara of a particular Navnath Sampradaya Sect. I am pleased to bring it to the public knowledge here by way of this post so that those followers of the Indian Tantra in dire need of money can use it.

Remedies to make Hair Thick and Black

A traditional Indian remedy along with a paranormal one to make hair black and thick is what I have given in this post.  The first one requires a couple of commonly found plant ingredients, whereas the second one uses a Sun Mantra along with Coconut Oil. Those who have belief that such Indian Remedies  do work can try any one or both of these remedies.

Meditation Mantra of Lalithambika Devi

In South India, especially Tamilnadu, one of the more popular forms of worshipping the Mother Goddess, is that of Lalithambika Mata. The Mother Goddess in this form is the Shakti; the manifested form of the changeless Ever-Existent in all its entirety and glory.

All Kuber Mantras

Kuber or Kubera as he is sometimes called is considered in Hinduism to be as important as Laxmi, for the generation and accumulation of money and wealth. This mystic entity is sometimes called as the God of Wealth, sometimes as the Guardian of Wealth and sometimes as the Presiding Deity of the mystic entities, the Yakshas and the Yakshinis.

Gayatri Tantra Yantra for Fearful Dreams

A sizable percentage of the population suffers from the problem of recurring frightful nightmares. These bad and dreadful Dreams put these people under all kinds of stress and fear as they go about their day-to-day activities.  A special Tantra, which makes the use of a Yantra along with the Gayatri Mantra, is given here in this post. This Tantra is believed to be useful in putting an end to these bad and fearsome dreams.

Daily Good Life in Outer Space

More and more settlers, increasingly enjoying their good living in the high orbiting settlements, wanted to provide interested folks back on Earth with additional ways to view more which would nicely show-off their happy good easy fun living up here, ever more advanced and easy, in contrast to old Earth surface traditional often tedious laboring human living. Daily easy living at home gave good examples. Views were collected within the Fullball world high settlement showing folks maybe enjoying friends and visitors at most comfortable light weights in homes cylinders, at merely light fractions of Earth surface gravity.

Meditation Mantra of Narasimha

The worship of Narasimha has to be done with pure and selfless devotion and purely for Satvik purposes. The fearsome 4th Avatar of Vishnu, like all the other 8 Avatars and the yet to manifest Kalki Avatar are the Protective Forms of Vishnu . These are the forms in which Vishnu manifest when the Tamas Guni forces of Darkness are in dominance and poised to envelop the Earth in Darkness.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Business Loss - 2

This is the second Lal Kitab Remedy for those businesspersons experiencing regular business losses, like the one given earlier, this one is also extremely practical and simple to practice.  Readers please note that all these numerous remedies are solely published to give a way out to those trying to find paranormal means to put and an end to their troubles.

Gayatri Mantra for removing obstacles

Obstacles in life be they of any kind are what the common person fears most, some remain calm and composed, others, a bundle of nerves. This site has from time to time published a wide range of unique mantras and remedies, to enable common folks to overcome obstacles. In is post is given a simple experiment using the Gayatri Mantra to remove obstacles .

End of the road for Aam Aadmi Party

Is this the end of the road for the Aam Aadmi Party? A party that promised much for the harassed Indian, under seize from all sides.  The news is that they will form a government in New Delhi, taking support from the same people whose corruption and misdeeds they opposed to come into the limelight. So one more hope for the  harrased Indian bites the dust and it is surprising how rapidly.

Kuber Ashta-Laxmi Mantra

This is the Kuber Ashta-Laxmi Mantra Sadhana. This Satvik Sadhana is very important in removing poverty, lack of money or no success in business and bringing Laxmi into your life. I will explain in a systematic manner how this Money Mantra Experiment is performed. The Sadhana invokes the Guardian of Wealth Kuber  and the eight form of Laxmi, to bless you.

Cartoon Character Robots in Future

More things got tried up in the high orbiting settlements to let others in free time enjoy added fun varieties. Some tried now making good video cartoon comedies. They received several possible cartoon comedy funny suggestions. The best were chosen to try making.

Future Predictions of Aam Aadmi Party

The Aam Aadmi Party is nowadays one of the main topics of discussion in India. The common Indian, a harassed and helpless person, at the mercy of the unforgiving political class, visualizes the AAP as some sort of light at the end of a long and unending dark tunnel . In this post, I have examined the Horoscope of the AAP, the one derived from the commonly agreed time of the birth of this party.

Multipurpose Matangi Mantra Prayog

The worship of Matangi as described in an earlier post is extremely important in Tantric Practices and more specifically for those seeking paranormal powers. In this post is an extremely powerful Multipurpose Matangi Mata Mantra Prayog . This Prayog removes obstacles in marriage, improves the financial and social status, removes and annihilates enemies, increases self-belief and confidence, gives harmony and bliss in married life and gives protection from all dangers.

Muslim Mantra to remove obstacles

This is a Muslim Mantra to remove all kinds of obstacles, including paranormal ones, from the home, office, business place or the shop.  The Mantra which is from the Islamic Mantra of the Hindu Shabar Vidya, is said to remove obstacles both seen and unseen for the vicinity of the place, where the rite given below is performed and from the vicinity of the practitioner.

Heavenly Pleasures on Earth in Future

Of course once aging can be greatly slowed, or even frozen in early adulthood, with cancers etc. and other aging problems eliminated, then who should care much about any pretended High Heaven? Why not let happy relaxed fun living actually become our better made future happy heaven, much enjoyed with lots of friends in lots of free time? Will this then ultimately become the future most happy nature of most all humans? Could be: thus it could become our extremely nice good preferred reality, most happily far surpassing all other animal living ways on Earth .

5 Letter Gayatri Mantra for Children

This post is intended to guide parents who want their child to start chanting the Gayatri Mantra, but do not know how to go about it as the child has difficulty in remembering and pronouncing the mantra correctly.

Mansa Devi Mantra to Cure Mumps

Mumps was a very feared and dreaded epidemic in the past. In the modern times the Mumps Virus, which causes this epidemic has been brought under control, by means of preventive vaccines.   The practitioners of Mantra – Tantra in the middle age, in India experienced that this disease could be controlled and relief could be given to the sufferer using an invocation mantra  of Mansa Devi.

Padmavati Money Mantra - 2

This is the second Padmavati Mantra Sadhana for Money, which is being published on this site. This wealth experiment is as potent and powerful as the earlier one. This Satvik Sadhana is commenced on any auspicious Indian festival, like Diwali, Navratri, Akshay Tritiya, Makar Sankranti, Holi or any other auspicious date; it can even be commenced on a Friday.

Strong Magic Vashikaran Mantra

This I have been told is a magic Vashikaran Mantra, which makes the use of the paranormal properties of a specific herb; the Swhet Gunja or the White variety of the Gunja. This herb is also known as the Rosary Pea or the Indian Licorice. Along with it, the Milk of a Kapila Cow considered holy by Hindus is used, this breed of the Cow Family is normally found in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Yantras to remove obstacles in job

Retaining a job is almost as important as getting one in these competitive times. Opponents and hidden enemies will try everything to pull a competitor down, in order to climb the ladder and progress. I get numerous such requests from harassed people, who somehow wish to put an end to these obstacles in their jobs .

Paranormal Remedy to Protect Machines

It is the experience of a lot of businessmen engaged in the manufacturing sector that their machines malfunction, break down or simply do not give the full output which is expected from them. The harassed businessman tries out a lot of expensive and time consuming paranormal rites and rituals. In this post is given a quick and easy paranormal remedy to protect machines, using Black Turmeric.

Future Fun and Play in Space

Could future robotically assisted ever easier living become almost totally simply living for fun and pleasures? It could become a new reality that about all tedious tasks would be almost freely achieved for us by very capable well advanced technology . Should this be judged as somehow wrong? (That's what some present folks down on Earth might proclaim.)

Cause of Past Life Reincarnation

Past life Reincarnation, if one goes by the advise of Indian Spiritualists , is a continuous and unending process. There is a systematic and methodical continuity, akin to that of a product on the assembly line of a manufacturing plant. This process goes on and on till the final finished product is created.  On the assembly line the  final product has to undergo numerous changes on it way to become the final finished product.

Akshaya Bhandar Mahalaxmi Mantra

The Akshaya Bhandar Mahalaxmi Mantra is a most powerful Mahalaxmi Mantra to attract the unending or everlasting blessings of abundance and the blessings of the Wealth Goddess ; Laxmi; who is often referred to as Chanchal. Chanchal in this context means something which is hard to retain after committing mistakes. Akshaya Bhandar thus means the everlasting supply of the necessities of life, required for a contented existence.

Surya Mantra Prayog for Blood Pressure

Astrology believes that Blood Pressure in the human body depends upon the influence exerted by various planetary alignments on the individual. In the past I had given a Mangal or Mars Mantra for healing Blood Pressure; you can read about it – Here . In this post is given a Surya or Sun Mantra Prayog to heal and cure all kinds of Blood Pressure related ailments.

Future Entertainments in Space

Some in settlements orbiting Earth may discuss if there is more they should apply their minds to in their free time. Compared with Earth's billions, the settlers should have ever more free time available often daily, nicely freed up by increasingly better serving robotic devices taking care of so many tasks which many on Earth have to devote time to.

Navgraha Badha Nivaran Yantra

This Navgraha Badha Nivaran Yantra serves the same purpose as the Yantra, given earlier. However the infusion process of both the Yantras is different.  This Yantra which dispels negative and harmful planetary frequencies has to be prepared on Gold, Silver or Copper and worn like a necklace around the neck. The first one can be seen – Here

Budh Mantra Prayog for Deafness

A lot of people have requested me to provide a mantra to cure deafness. Though I do not endorse this Mantra Prayog as I have not witnessed it and cannot vouch for its effectiveness; I am nevertheless providing it here in this post. The Mantra Experiment makes the use of the following three everyday ingredients- Honey, Radish and Mustard Oil along with an astrological mantra .

Remedies for Dark Spots on Face - 3

This is the third post on home remedies for removing dark spots from the face. Like the first two posts, the remedies given in this one are also those which have been traditionally practiced in India; since ages. The ingredients used are harmless, having no side effects and those which are easily found. Those distressed people having dark spots on their faces and safely try these harmless remedies.

Gayatri Mantra for having Baby Boy

The Gayatri Mantra is said to be beneficial for those couples who are desirous of having a baby boy. The Gayatri Mantra Sadhana given here is a slight variation with the Samput of the Yam यं Beej added to the end of the normal Gayatri Mantra. Though I have said it before birth and death is in the hands of God; I am nevertheless giving this Sadhana for those who wish to perform it.

Gayatri Mantra Prayog for Enemy

The Kleem Beej Mantra as already explained on this site is the Beej Mantra of Kamdev; the God of Love. A very effective experiment for making an enemy turn into a friend is given here. This experiment makes the use of the Gayatri Mantra ; with the Kleem क्लीं Beej added as a Samput at its end. If the Prayog is followed for a few days, it will start showing results.

Lal Kitab Remedies to Win Wife Love

Some simple and straightforward remedies from the Lal Kitab for the husband to win the love and affection his wife are given here. These are the easiest of the numerous remedies for domestic bliss given in the Lal Kitab; I have chosen only those which can be easily performed, any one or more of these remedies can be performed, depending upon your needs.

Vashikaran Mantra for Wife

A lot of men complain that due to no fault of theirs, their wives are not attracted towards them. So naturally this is a very big spoiler in their domestic life as physical bliss and satisfaction is missing. A rare  Vashikaran Tantra which I discovered to make men appear attractive in the eyes of their wives is given here by me in this post. This Tantra makes the use of a wife Vashikaran Mantra which is said to make the husband enchanting in the eyes of his wife.

How to send TV Greetings to Aliens

There are many thousands of funny fun cartoons we have from past TV on Earth. We could select the cutest and funniest, to tightly aim to reach a planet we detected alien TV from. Their sound tracks would be re-recorded, now given simulated voices for the translated alien languages . When detected by the aliens, they might find some of them cutely funny and entertaining.

Tantra - Mantra to Remove Fever

This is a Mantra Prayog to Remove Fever; this experiment is somewhat different from the earlier Fever Removing Mantras published on this site. This particular experiment is a Tantra using a couple of common everyday ingredients; infused with a Mantra.

Mantra for Hanuman Jayanti

The most auspicious occasion for Hanuman Bhakts is the day of Hanuman Jayanti; the day which as per the Hindu Lunar Calendar marks the birth day of Hanuman. Devotees reserve this special day for performing various special Sadhanas, Puja- Archana- Vidhi and Prarthanas dedicated to Hanuman. I would like to give one such Hanuman Mantra  for the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti.

Try these remedies to stop Hiccups

Sometimes Hiccups just do not seem to stop and as they are an involuntary action over which you have absolutely no control, there is very little you can do about it. If caught is such a situation, you can try any one of the two extremely simple remedies given here by me in this post. Both these remedies make the use of cloves and as cloves are readily available in most homes; these remedies can be practiced any time, by those suffering from unstoppable hiccups.

Charm to stop Wet Dreams

Nocturnal Emissions, commonly known as wet dreams are an involuntary act affecting a sizable chunk of the population; both males; as well as females. Though not harmful or adverse to health or amounting to some sort of sin , as some people define it as, the person suffering from wet dreams is likely to suffer from some sort of mental turmoil, more specifically a guilt complex.

Yantra to cure Displaced Navel

Navel Displacement or the moving of the Navel, ether upwards- downwards or sideways, can be due to either physical or psychological reasons or a combination of both. This  Yogic condition is said to be responsible for some specific stomach conditions and is also said to obstruct the smooth flow of life energy to the various body parts.