How to send TV Greetings to Aliens

There are many thousands of funny fun cartoons we have from past TV on Earth. We could select the cutest and funniest, to tightly aim to reach a planet we detected alien TV from. Their sound tracks would be re-recorded, now given simulated voices for the translated alien languages. When detected by the aliens, they might find some of them cutely funny and entertaining.

Those up in our Fullball world (FBW) working on trying to translate all possible from such alien TV, may decide it would also be nice to prepare, for the alien TV, more serious real interesting views of our very efficient 3D spherical Fullball Balloon World fun way to live, good for a population to expand eventually even much beyond what any mere old planet can support. We could include views of this being expanded in a few years.

Such a sent FBW expansion presentation would present aliens with a most efficient (& fun) alternative over being confined to just their old gravity prison planet. Then they wouldn't ever need to attempt voyaging out to any remote star to hope for any (very unlikely) good livable planet there. (Such volume efficient constructed 3D filled balloon worlds could eliminate any future interstellar wars trying to conquer some native population on another star's planet.)

It would take a century before we could get any response if sent back to us by 50 light-years distant aliens. We should be quite safe trying to send them such a special TV simple greeting program, since in the real physics universe, lacking any magical nonsense time leaps or faster than light travel, we'd be under almost no threat of them strangely considering invading us centuries in the future, if ever at all. (How could any such interstellar space very long voyage, maybe beyond any passenger's lifetime, keep supplied so long with required fresh food, energy, etc., while new generations in the voyaging vessel then grow up to take over badly bored? And how could they goofily dream of invading a whole world filled with already technologically advanced people?)

Meanwhile our effective TV & radio telescopes in space would gradually usefully scan maybe at least many tens of millions of other stars elsewhere around our galaxy, seeking a few other possible alien TV & radio broadcasting planets.

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z


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