Padmavati Money Mantra - 2

This is the second Padmavati Mantra Sadhana for Money, which is being published on this site. This wealth experiment is as potent and powerful as the earlier one.

This Satvik Sadhana is commenced on any auspicious Indian festival, like Diwali, Navratri, Akshay Tritiya, Makar Sankranti, Holi or any other auspicious date; it can even be commenced on a Friday.

The Prayog is done at night and lasts for 21 days at a stretch. The Sadhak should abstain from non-vegetarian food, alcohol and sex during this period. Ladies should see to it that they take a gap during their monthly cycle. Hygiene is necessary; the Sadhak should have a bath and wear clean clothes before commencing this Sadhana at night everyday for 21 days.

During the Sadhana, the Sadhak has to light an Oil Lamp, made from clay before a Photo or Idol of Padmavati Mata and use a Clay Mala for counting purposes. The numbers of chants per night are 108.

An mantra of the Hindu Goddess Padmavati to get wealth and money
Padmavati Money Mantra

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  1. Hi, thks for the post .thou are doing a great job.
    if I start this puja on Fri and contd for 15days , the Nx day I can't do the puja cos of my women's cycle, I hv to stop prayiing. After my women's cycle finish, I start my puja again, will I have to contd counting until 21days or have to start again from 1st.? And you hv mention night time ...preferably what time is that, is midnight.? Grateful and thankful for your great help.
    Pls email :
    this is my email address.pls email your reply to me .thank you so much .

    1. You do not have to start the Puja once again, you can take a break during the Monthly Cycle and omit those days.

  2. Sorry, but what is that in continuing the pooja if the girl is in menstrual cycle? What makes her impure? It's actually something given to them by nature. Remember menstrual blood is used widely in magic. I'm not questioning the viddhis, but asking out of curiosity

  3. Neel ji, Pranams
    In the post, kindly clarify the followings -
    1. What should the actual start of puja "at night ",
    2. Asan and direction details,
    3. Mala mentioned is clay, pls rechec, if it's clay or any other Mala,
    Or any other important things to be kept in mind for the sadhana,
    Thanks n regards,

  4. The Puja can be started anytime in the night around 10PM, but the same time must be kept constant for all the days.
    Aasan and direction can be flexible.
    Clay Malas are rare, but available in the market.

  5. Sir, I had requested to revert on my query to start this mantra Sadhana-
    1. If clay mala is not available, any subtitute for this,

    Pls revert
    Thanks n Pranams.

    1. Kamalgatta Mala or Sphatik Mala will do.

    2. Neel ji, Pranams,
      Can we still continue after 21days, or wait for some sign from Devi, and than continue again,
      Pls suggest n guide fwd ..
      Thanks n regards

    3. Neel ji, appreciate an early reply as tomorrow shall be 21 days,,,

    4. You can conclude after 21 days of the Mantra Sadhana. There is no need to wait for a sign from the Devi.

  6. NeelJi,
    I'm guessing it's 108 jaap and not mala?


  7. But what happens after the 21 days ? You never stated ? Will she appear Infront of us , bless us , visit in dream , send vibrations , how will we know we were successful? These type of things should be posted , like the 30 days mantra was posted for promotion but it never worked ...

    1. It's been
      16 days now practicing same.

      For the past 2 Sundays
      Been waking up to a very strange feeling whereas I feel something sitting on my chest or playing with my face or ears and I automatically fight it up subconsciously with Durga prayers..

      Can you say if something is wrong or if I did something wrong . I also went to Ganga waters to bathe and ask for forgiveness in anything wrong I did ....

      Um also you didn't answer the question, what happens after 21 days ? Or on the 21st day?


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