Bhairav Sadhana for removing Harmful Energies

If you are not concentrating on your studies, job, business or domestic and social life and have lost all interest or will, in these things; or life itself, then if you are a believer in Indian Paranormal Remedies; the reason could be that you are at the receiving end of adverse astrological transits or from the Evil-Eye or you are attracting some negative and harmful energy. The Sadhana of Bhairava is said to be most beneficial is removing such harmful energies.

This Sadhana can be performed by the layperson as it does not involve any complicated Mantras or Tantras. The weekly day of Bhairava is Sunday; so perform this Sadhana on any Sunday; in a Bhairav Mandir.

On a Sunday purchase a Liquor Bottle, few Dahi Vadas, some Jalebi or Imarti and offer it to the idol of Bhairava. All the items offered to Bhairava have to be kept in the temple itself and not brought back to your home; except the empty Liquor Bottle.

The Liquor Bottle has to be brought home and rotated in a clockwise manner over the body of the person, who is at the receiving end of malefic energies 7 times; this is known as the Utara. If it is you who is the sufferer, then do the Utara in the same manner over yourself, by rotating the Bottle 7 times over your body.

Then after doing the Utatra, the empty Liquor Bottle has to be placed under a Peepal Tree.

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  1. is there specific timing on sunday?
    bhirav Sadhana how many times ? only one sunday or more.

  2. Namaste guru ji , can u please tell me

    1) Bottle should be kept under Peepal Tree on same day or it can be kept next day.

    2) Does any timing for the Sadhana , imean can we do shadhna after SUNSET , or it should be done before sunset.

    Please advice me. Thanks in advance .



    1. The bottle can be kept under the Peepal tree on the same or the next day if you are one of those people do not worship the Peepal tree on Sundays, the timing is not important, you can perform the remedy at any time.

  3. Dear Sir, the liquor bottle is supposed to be empty or the liquor is to be offered to Bhairav and empty bottle brought home?

    1. The liquor has to be offered to Bhairava and the empty bottle brought back.

  4. In Bangalore, none of the temple priests allow to offer liquor to Lord Bhairav, what should we do in this case.

  5. Sir,
    It should be 750 ml full bottle or half or a quarter bottle. Bottle shall be of plastic or glass.
    Dahi vada should be only dahi and vada without other ingredients i.e. salt,red chilly, shunthi etc or with the all ingredients as served in the gogappa shop. May please clarify.
    At the time of utara/usara cap of the empty bottle should be opened or not

  6. Guruji, a
    1.this Sadhna done any other day apart from Sunday.
    2. Can this Sahana be repeated and how many times

    1. You can use a smaller bottle. the Dahi Vada can contain some other ingredients, like the ones mentioned by you.
      Sunday is the recommended day for this Mantra Prayog and hence, it is more effective on that day.
      You can repeat the Sadhana if you feel the need.

  7. Respected Guruji,

    None of the temples in South India as per me allow to offer liquor to Lord Bhairav in the temple. Please be kind to suggest if there is any alternative apart from liquor offering.


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