Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese tradition of attracting, synchronizing and harmonizing the elements which make up nature and Vastu Shastra, its Indian equivalent. Both these traditional sciences are ancient in origin and the exact dates of their origin remains unknown.

Is is extremely likely that Feng Shui was influenced by Vastu Shastra, and spread throughout China, through Buddhist Monks; the same way as Karate, over 5000 years back and evolved through trial and error methods to become a science of its own.

There are striking similarities between the two and the end goal remains to harmonize the 5 elements and attract their most beneficial vibrations and energy.

This section comprises a diverse compilation of articles published on this site over a period of time on both Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra; this includes some paranormal information which is not included in both these sciences; but in practice in India.

Aquarium in Feng Shui
Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui Tips
How to Position Wind Chimes in Feng Shui
How to Position Crystal Balls in Feng Shui
Position of Chandelier in Feng Shui
How to Position Phoenix in Feng Shui
Positioning Fuk, Luk and Sau as per Feng Shui
Positioning Cash Counter in Feng Shui
Position of Toilet in Feng Shui
Importance of the location of kitchen in Feng Shui
How to sit in an office as per Feng Shui
Storing Food Grains as per Feng Shui
Colors of Curtains as per Feng Shui
Auspicious Photos as per Feng Shui
How to Position Mandarin Ducks in Feng Shui
How to place home appliances in Feng Shui
5 Money Attracting Tips from Feng Shui
Strengthen Money Direction in Feng Shui
Harmonise the 5 Elements in your Home
Feng Shui and Vastu Tips for Home Decor
The Horse as Symbol of Victory
Tortoise with Dragon Head a Charm for Success
Rooster as a lucky charm for progress in Politics
Chinese Protection Charm Kuan Kung
Never Gift Sharp Pointed Articles
How to Position the Laughing Buddha
How to Position the 3 legged Toad
Simple Remedy for door facing south
Deflecting Negative Energies from Main Door
Feng Shui Remedies for Doors in Straight Line
Bonsai Cactus Green Plants in Feng Shui
Simple way to do Vastu Shuddhi
Vastu Shastra remedy to sell and buy house
Vastu Devta Yantra - Mantra Prayog
Remedy for House Buying Problems
Purifying the house of negative energies
Money Attracting Tip with Bagua Mirror
A very powerful mantra to remove Vaastu Dosh
Indrajal Vanaspati in Vastu Shastra
Vastu Shastra Directions for House
Vastu Shastra Directions for Shop
Auspicious Inauspicious Plots in Vastu Shastra
Abundance Remedy for New House or Shop
Feng Shui on Closed Rooms in a House
Importance and benefits of Panchajanya Shankh
Green Trees in Vastu Shastra for Removing Bad Energy
Simple Vastu Dosh Removal Remedy
Vastu Shastra Remedy for Last house in Street
Placing Bansuri in Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra
Position of Office in Home as per Vastu Shastra
Paintings of Water in Feng Shui
Mantra Remedy for Toilet in Aagneya Disha
Your Photo and Business Name in your Office as per Feng Shui
Upay for Success and Prosperity of Factory
Subh Muhurat for New Business and Filing Court Cases
Shubh Muhurat for Griha Pravesh in New and Old Houses
Remedy to Sell House Land or Any Property
Wish Fulfilling Remedies Using Pyramid
Crystal Tortoise and other Remedies for Parents of Children
Lal Kitab Remedy for Problem Free Construction of House
10 Simple Vastu Remedies for Main or South Facing Doors


  1. Namskar,

    There are some income tax proceedings happening with me. Can you please give me some remedies to get rid of those and get escape from those without loosing my money.

  2. what is the remedy for 5 corner house? which is extra on South west corner


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