The Horse as Symbol of Victory

The Horse as Symbol of Victory is a most popular charm to be kept in your office; that is if you are a believer in Feng Shui or the Indian science of Vastu Shastra. In ancient and medieval times, the horse was associated with war; victory or defeat hinged upon, how many horsemen, a king could put on the battlefield. In modern times, the horse symbolizes speed, strength, vitality and stamina.

An idol, image or painting kept in the office is said to be an auspicious charm which ensures success and progress in the business. A painting or image comprising of nine horses, if kept in the Southern Direction, ensures victory over your opponents in debates or negotiations.

However it must be kept in mind, never to put images of horses which involve war, conflict or which are violent in nature even if such paintings are from religious scriptures, like the Mahabharata, Bible or the Bhagavad-Gita. Along with war paintings, a painting of a sinking ship or falling airplane is also considered as inauspicious.

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  1. sir can i place the horse image in home room to get success in my life

  2. Sir, Should it face south or placed in south facing north?

  3. sir i want get govt job whixh mantra should i chant to get a better job. can u suggest me ?

  4. Sir, should the image of nine horses has to be placed in southern direction FACING north. If yes, can it be placed in south west direction as at our place, there is a corner of two walls exactly in south direction ?
    Could the laminated image be OK ?
    Any specific day to get the image placed ?

    1. Yes, you can place the Horse image in a convenient direction.
      You can use a laminated image and timings and Puja-Vidhi is not applicable to this Vastu Shastra remedy

  5. Sir, do the size of the laminated image effect the outcome. This is because I have placed a small ( 7" × 3") laminated image in southern direction, facing north, on a 4 feet high showcase in my drawing room.

  6. Sir, it seems that no One is able to answer my issue raised on December 8,2015 as mentioned above. As I have personally gained from your advice on countless queries during the last 15 months, I would sincerely request your goodself to help me out regarding my yesterday's query. Please ,Sir.

    1. The size of the image of the Horses should have no effect, only keep the image clean and free from dust and cobwebs.


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