Horseshoe for Luck

Horseshoes have been used; the world over as a very potent and powerful talisman to bring good luck, health and herald in good fortune; since a long time. Likewise in India also it is considered to be among as one of the more popular of the Indian Traditional Remedies for Protection from the evil eye and evil spirits.

Hindu texts prescribe certain rules to be followed while inserting a Horseshoe on the main entrance of your residence or building.

The Horseshoe which is removed from the hoof of a horse is considered as more beneficial than one which has fallen of or is rusted or worn out.

The Horseshoe has to washed with Ganga Jal [water from the river Ganga is considered holy by the Hindus] or if you are a Christian you can wash it with Holy Water.

If your entrance in facing east you have to insert the Horseshoe on any Sunday, if facing the west then it has to be fixed on any Friday.

The open side of the Horseshoe has to always face downwards.

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