Need to demystify New World Order

Most certainly, the simplest definition for the New World Order would be ‘the handful that eat the cream and leave the plate for the rest to lick’. There is a lot of talk and good intent from well meaning individuals of the need to eradicate this Illuminati. For that to happen the New World Order first needs to be Demystified; and exposed.

One needs to understand that the one thing the Illuminati thrives on is the mystery and aura surrounding it. True some families like the Rothschild family have been eating the cream since the middle ages. But there are others who started controlling nations in the last century itself.

The Origin of the New World Order in India can be traced back to midnight of 14 August 1947 when India gained its independence. This planning stage was at the most a couple of decades before that, but full control was gained only in august 1947.Just one look at that landmark speech “Tryst with Destiny” shows how overwhelmed by emotion at his success was Founder of the New World Order in India Jawaharlal Nehru, that he gave the game away in the speech itself.

Like India the script has been repeated in most parts of the globe. The aura and the mystery surrounding these selfish creatures is a myth created by the “enslaved media” at the behest of their owners. This is to create an atmosphere of awe, fear and helplessness in the minds of the population.

As of now, the economic condition for the common man is getting worse by the day, so the need to demystify the Illuminati is far greater now than any other moment in the past. Once demystified, the exposure becomes far easier.

The criminal acts of omission and commission can be probed like that of any other criminal. The need of the hour is to locate and recover the looted Trillions, the gold and treasures stashed away in safe tax havens like Switzerland; I have a feeling that we are nearing this stage as all options have run out.

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