Founder of corruption in India

When the first Indian National Congress Ministries were formed all over India after Independence, MAHATMA GANDHI had issued instructions that all Ministers should accept a monthly pay of Rs. 500. At that time, a fund was started to help the riot affected and displaced persons to settle down, as they had lost everything in the aftermath of the violence, which followed immediately after the partition of India.

Shri.Govind Vallabh Pant was the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh at that time. One of the ministers in his Cabinet came to him and donated his entire monthly salary of Rs. 500 in great style. Shri.Govind Vallabh Pant returned the salary back and told him “here take back your salary; I only want your monthly allowances’. The monthly allowances amounted to Rs.2600.The Minister had no option but to mutely comply with the request.

That was a long time back; Ministers have progressed by leaps and bound since then. Mahatma Gandhi was shortly assassinated and was not there to witness the humble beginnings of the commencement of INDIA. This corruption does not exist now it has mutated into looting.

The assassination of Gandhi paved the smooth transition from British rule to dynastic rule in India as Jawaharlal Nehru formed India’s first ruling dynasty. The mutation of this dynasty now rules India. Nehru must be shivering in his grave just thinking about the chain reaction, which his ambition triggered off.

Maybe the founders of most other smaller political dynasties in India were inspired by Nehru to start their own dynasties, he was the founder. Herein lies the real Root of corruption in India. The foundation stone of India’s democratic setup was not laid properly, this is where it all begins. The massive task for anyone who now wishes to restrict and control corruption in India is to undo everything and lay the foundation stone once again.

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  1. A new and simpler constitution of India......By being proud of having the largest written constitution in the world we are trying to justify the complexity and archaic nature of our system. We need a modern, straightforward and simple constitution which places duties before rights...Only when u perform ur duties shall u be entitled to rights...that should be the motto....I hope in our lifetime we are able to bring in a new constitution

  2. yes I also agree for new simpler constituation for india to reduce all hardles.

  3. This is a small aspect of the big problem that we had since the beginning. We had "NEVER" achieved true freedom because the enslavement has come up to a whole new level.

    The so called Independence of India was a sham, because the Pro- Zionist Indian National congress was set up by the British East India company itself which was owned by German Jew Rothschild. The Ashkenazi Jews are the same people who own the world bank and the federal reserve of America. They have been playing a very dirty game for over 2500 years, and the manipulation goes back very far.

    Why does Inflation never goes down?

    The world Bank gives different states huge amount of loans which are at very high interest rates which can never be paid back in full. The interest rates keep growing and the people of a country keep paying the interest for years to come.

    It is a part of the Protocols of elders of Zion, which talks about the Million hands of Vishnu and how they are going to control every system on the planet by using million's of their hands which will be into every system.

    Why did UN and NATO kill Gadaffi when he was very Good to his people?

    Murder of Gadaffi by UN and NATO

    Wake up and smell the massive manipulation of Asuras!


  4. add contents of lectures by rajiv dixit on this site which will open the eyes of many to see the political scenario by clear eyes which is presently stopping them to see due to their emotional attachments to any sect,person or fact...let everyone shoiuld be nonprejudiced


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