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As of 2010 the common Indian faces an uncertain future. The common Indians who comprise of over 95% of the population, do not at the present moment see any light at the end of the long and dark tunnel of corruption, graft and looting. What we are witnessing at the present moment is a system in a state of decay and collapse. We are coming to the end of a cycle and a system in it last days, which will be replaced by another one.

Many of my readers have writing to me, as to why these articles are being written from a site focusing on religion and spirituality. I have to tell them that it is also spiritual to create awareness about events happening and about to happen. We are at the cross roads of history as one cycle is doomed and is rapidly heading towards it natural death, this cycle is going to be replaced by another one.

I am focusing on some of the current events and happenings in India.Will be writing more so watch this space.

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