10 reasons why Anna Hazare should get the Nobel Prize

There is some talk on the net on whether Anna Hazare should get the Nobel Prize. The obvious loud and clear answer is yes. Anna Hazare is at the present moment the biggest and most widely accepted anti corruption crusader in India .

I will now highlight the 10 points on why Anna Hazare should get the Nobel Prize.

1] The Nobel Prize given to Anna Hazare will first and foremost be the international community’s contribution to the anti Corruption moment in India; it could be read as we stand by you and support you.

2] The Nobel Prize will to an extent insulate Anna Hazare and the anti corruption moment against the scheming looters; they will be careful as to how they try to destroy Anna Hazare.

3] It will ensure that more and more anti corruption crusaders will emerge to combat the looters controlling India fearlessly.

4] It will be a fight between the helpless citizen and the looters; the ultimate aim is to put the looters where they belong; not on thrones but behind bars.

5] The Nobel Prize will be an award of international recognition for the entire anti corruption moment and not to Anna Hazare as an individual.

6] It will mark the beginning of a moment to throw out the ruling scum and herald in good governance,

7] A boost to the efforts to divert the funds from the treasury to the poor; and not the Swiss Bank accounts of the looters.

8] Ensure that the alarming and frightening concentration of wealth in a few hands ends. This wealth is amassed in collaboration with the looters; loot of the treasury.

9] Ensure that the public is not cheated and ripped out so obviously through real estate and stock market scams.

10] Ensure that the Jan Lokpal will become a reality and not a fantasy.

I hope those in the decision making process of the Nobel Prize read and ponder over this.

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  1. I am just surprised, astonished and well...stoned would be the word to use. The author has obviously not given the article a lot of thought. Each argument given by the author has numerous inconsistencies and thus all in all this was a hilarious read if nothing else. I agree that corruption is a major problem that we face, I also agree that we need to take steps to curb and catch the corrupt but I do not agree with the path that Mr. Hazare has taken and that is of holding a gun to the head of a democratically elected institution.


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