Anna Hazare Mantra - Aham Anna

Anna Hazare’s fast to combat corruption which threatens to drown India now enters the eighth day. The Anna Hazare movement to implement the Jan Lokpal has attracted millions of followers.

The chant of this movement is ‘Anna Hazare aage badho, hum thumare saath hai’. This means Anna Hazare go ahead we are with you. Anna Hazare has always been telling his supporters that everyone should be an Anna Hazare.

Aham Anna 3D Image
Aham Anna

I am dedicating this Mantra to the countless followers of Anna Hazare. The Sanskrit word ‘अहम् ‘ or ‘Aham’ meaning ‘I am’ has since time immemorial been said to be a word having the highest divine vibrations.

Hence Aham Anna; meaning I am Anna will give not only Anna but also you the divine strength to fight the looters of India. Please remember that the Jan Lokpal is only the beginning, there is a long road ahead.

अहम् अण्णा ll

Aham Anna ll

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