Prediction of revolution in India

Looking unbiasedly at the current state of affairs in India one gets that strange and unknown feeling that we are somewhere in the final hour before midnight. A lot of people are thinking aloud; is a total revolution the only way out of the hole the Politicians have dug for India. That being democratically elected gives one the license to loot, the license to indulge in a variety of criminal activities, and start ones own dynasty is an undeniable fact.

I have written extensively about the Prophecies about India in the near future. Most people were skeptical about this. However rapidly changing events in the last nine months, leave no doubt in my mind that this is the ‘eleventh hour ‘.Either it is a total revolution or India goes down the Somalia way; total chaos.

Image of the Prediction of revolution in India
Prediction of revolution in India

The two recent opponents of the massive criminalization and looting Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev as I have said in my earlier post are nothing but the manifestations of the public anger. Anna Hazare is the manifestation of the educated and city based individual whose innermost desire is to see this sorry state of affairs end in a peaceful manner. Whereas Baba Ramdev stands for the common poor Indian who wants a more proactive method in dealing with the looters.

There is most certainly going to be a third manifestation which will be a combination of both and which will represent the overwhelming majority of the population who want a quick end to their suffering. This section will cry out for justice. They will want justice for the millions who die of starvation, malnutrition, lack of medical facilities caused due to the resources being looted. These people will want justice for the rape of their women, for the murder of those opposing their land and property being grabbed.

The third manifestation is the one most likely to herald in the Indian Revolution; this will be a bloody one. One senses that this is the situation which probably prevailed before the French and Russian Revolutions. The condition of 99% of the population is the same as what the suffering masses in France and Russia might have experienced. This manifestation comes very close to the prediction of revolution in India made by Nostradamus.

While on the rapidly changing events all political parties have come together to dilute and kill the proposed Lokpal Bill to combat looting and corruption. The controlling New World Order has now proposed a Communal Violence Bill to divide society on the lines of religion, region and caste. If passed this Bill will have far reaching consequences and could lead to unprecedented violence.

This Bill is the master stroke which is planned by the ruling dynasty to divide society and kill the Jan Lokpal Bill. If one studies the prophecies of Nostradamus on Sonia; this could be a crucial factor in heralding in the Indian Revolution.Rahul Gandhi’s plan at dividing society will be met with stiff opposition and will cause a lot of bloodshed and violence.

All in all this is one of the most critical periods of time in the history of India. The international community should intervene and try to find a way to ensure good governance in India. This seems unlikely as the dominant American policy makers thrive on chaos and uncertainty.

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