Anna Hazare's Movement

The Anna Hazare movement is rapidly gathering momentum at an alarming pace for the looters who hold India to ransom. This movement presents a golden opportunity for the common Indian who has been at the mercy of the looters for the entire span of his life. The Economic condition of India , which is shinning more brightly than ever for the handful of looters is at the same time growing bleaker and bleaker for the common Indian.

Most of the News is filled with scams, more scams and bigger scams. This movement presents a ray of hope for the common Indians. The moment should not stop at the implementation of the Jan Lokpal Bill. The demand for the Jan Lokpal Bill should act as a catalyst for the total uprooting of the looters from power.

How can one implement this Bill, even if the looters give way and decide that they want to implement it, because half of the members of the proposed committee will be the looters. This is just like having a jury with half the members comprising of murders, rapists, thieves and their kind. One does not negotiate with scum. The right place for the scum in jail where they can be interrogated and the 1.5 Trillion US Dollars loot is recovered.

People like Baba Ramdev and others should join hand with Anna Hazare and go for the throat of the looters. There is no other way out for the desperate Indian. The citizens who are converging at Delhi's Jantar Mantar should multiply and the whole of Delhi should be converted into India’s Tahrir Square. Otherwise, this movement fill fizzle out like many others before it.

The other anti corruption leaders and gurus should have given a call to their supporters to converge at Delhi, I hope they do so now. The looters will then have no option but to call the Para Military forces or the Army, who till now have been marginalized, and made to look like helpless bystanders, as the looters go about their daily business of looting the nation.

I don’t think the Army or the Judiciary will stand by the looters. The looters will end in goal. However, there are many ifs and buts. All this depends upon how many people decide they want to throw the looters out and join hands with Hazare. It also depends upon the resolve of Hazare and his colleagues to uproot looting. If they stop at just the Jan Lokpal Bill and go home, then this is not the moment.

Nostradamus-prediction of revolution in India has to come true today or tomorrow.


  1. Victory for Anna Hazare and for the people of India is a reality now!

  2. Is Anna Hajare is " the person who will be ruling India and he advises world leaders " as per Nostradamus...


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