How to overcome doubt

There are a lot of people who say that they doubt the relevance of Mantras and prayers or Prarthanas in everyday life. So also are there a lot of people who disbelieve and doubt the Prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophets. As I have said, many times before I do not practice or advocate the practice of Mantras and other forms of worship. I write these for information purposes only; it is left entirely to the discretion of the individual what he wishes to do.

But first, one must truly understand what ‘doubt’ really means. The purely scientific meaning is ‘the state between belief and disbelief’ or a ‘state of not being sure about something’. Most often, there is a chain reaction of thoughts resulting from ‘doubt’.

This is what Newton said just before he died –‘All my life I have felt as if I have been exploring a shore and looking at a few pretty shells here and there, while the whole ocean of truth lay undiscovered before me’. This statement is even more relevant today in the times of gigantic scientific advancement. This is time when reason comes into play more than any other time in the past.

One has to understand the deeper and Spiritual meaning of ‘doubt’. Hindu spiritualism transcends reason and gives deeper meanings than what is normally the ‘surface meaning’. The laws of expansion and contraction are the primary Existence. The natural state of existence of every object is the state of expansion. When the physiological state of ‘uncertainty’ is neared the life energy or ‘Prana’ which powers the body contracts. This contraction of the life energy leads to what we know as ‘doubt’.

Doubt 3D Image

This uncertainty arises from the deeper parts of the sub-conscious mind. Every experienced reaction to an action or a perceived action like deeper experiences is stored in the sub-conscious mind. One might forget about the actions and reactions, but they are never erased from the memory, but find a resting place in the deeper mind. Whenever a similar action or a possible action is encountered, these stored reactions come to the fore. Then ‘doubt’ arises and there is a contraction of the life energy. This is the reason why one feels drained when in ‘doubt’.

Then one starts reasoning and a chain reaction of thoughts is triggered off. Multiple possibilities or outcomes come to the fore and the ‘prana’ further contracts. One starts doubting everything and becomes suspicious and starts acting irrationally.

It is possible to overcome’doubt’.When in ‘doubt’ you have to understand what is it that you are undergoing, what it happening. When you do this, half the problem is automatically solved. The other half will be solved when you start looking at the feeling of ‘doubt’ arising in your mind in an unbiased manner. Look at this feeling just as a third person or by-stander, without attaching any meaning to it. Do not try to run away from it or try to push it back from where it came from.

When you meet the feeling of ‘doubt’ headlong, your entire being will become that feeling, you will be able to feel it. When you do this, the sensations stored in your sub-conscious will come out, and will no longer be a part of your mental framework.

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Jyothi. Its a beautiful article with so much clarity, however I have one doubt.
    I have always thought that doubts arise because of the need to be resolved right ?
    How does meeting this feeling of doubt resolve the actual doubt?
    Please clarify..
    Much Gratitude,

    1. The feeling of Doubt is also suggestive of a lack of Prana or the life energy in the body as a result of that particular emotion. If you look at it like a bystander, the the emotion which brings Doubt subsides and the Prana returns back to the normal level.

  2. :) makes sense with your statement. I ll post more questions as and when the come up.
    Thank you so much for sharing the wealth of knowledge with this website.



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