Dating in the New World Order

Dating is one of the most discussed and most anticipated subjects on the planet. Everyone wants to love and be loved. Dating affects many people because they want to find the one, whom they can share their lives with.

Today we have many different dating methods, because dating is very different and can vary very much depending on where you live. Cultural and national traditions affect the way of dating and how the loved ones are found. A one world government can change that very quickly.

The New World Order conspiracy predicts that it would most certainly lead to a one world government. Some people asked the question will the world really end in 2012? This article will look at how the “dating world will end” if the new world order succeeds.

If we have only one country in the whole world, we would most likely be changed to have one set of national traditions and one set of cultural traditions. There may be some traditions inside local villages, but the mainstream people will have the same dating traditions.

If you adapt the new set of rules, you give up your own cultural rules, which created your identity. You will have to switch your identity to date in the new world. This means that everything you have learned from the culture you are in today may change forever to a one world standard.

This will lead to fewer marriages, simply because people can’t find the one that they are looking for. If you look around today, then you can see the effects of people who are trying to change the world. The change of the world will also affect you, no matter where you live.

This post is created by our guest blogger, who has written a lot about the question; will the world really end in 2012?


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