Karna Pishachini Mantra

This here is one more mantra recited to attract the Karna Pishachini Yakshini. The Karna Pishachini Yakshini is said to be the feminine being who answers and tell you about the future. This is an Aghori Mantra.I have described this in the post on the Mantra to know the future.

This mantra has to be chanted 125,000 times to acquire Siddhi[mastery]. After acquiring mastery the Karna Pishachini will give answers to your questions in your ears.

Om ham han swaha ll

ॐ हं हन स्वाहा ll

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  1. would you tell me can this mantra and gayatri mantra can go parallel I mean jab main gayatri mantra jap karu to kps mantra bhi kar sakta hu

    1. Its as per your wish, in the post there is no bar to the Jap of any other mantra.

    2. i have heard that in karna pisachini sadhana i have to discard holy strings from my body, prepare 10 days beforehand the sadhana by stop eating food, eat own faeces and urine if hungry. after 10 days of preparation for 3 days he karnapisachini mantra japa has to be done in an isolated house completely naked with faeces and urine rubbed over the body. on 2nd day she will appear as a naked female touch, defecate and urinate on the sadhak who has to hold his control. on 3rd day the sadhana is succssful once the pisachini puts a garland of bones on the sadhak, accepts him as husband and then there is an intercourse. the next 10 days after completing the sadhana is the process of learning how to control the pisachini. should anything go wrong the life of the person could be spolit and also harm all people he cares about. i strictly recommend having a siddha guru when dealing with aghori mantras.

    3. You are invoking a pisachini. No holy mantra should be done during this sadhana. All holy strings should be discarded from the body. Avoid taking bath, offer paan to deity and perform japa without clothes. Applicable for all karna pisachini sadhana

  2. Should we recite this mantra at once in a day or can we divide 125,000 for a week

  3. we have complete this process in a single day?


    Karna pishachini siddhi, is NOT FOR COMMON PEOPLE like us.

    Neil, if you don't know, and haven't practised it, this is for you too.......

    Karna pishachini, is a TAMSI Devi, meaning, she makes the sadhaka addict to various bad habits, eg. drugs, nicotine, gambling, drinking etc.

    If you don't believe me, PLEASE read about a station master, Mr. Sri R., from secunderabad, who, inorder to live a luxurious life, did it, and paid for the consequences consequences.

    One of the links is as follows:


    Also, you may call it fictitous, but it was also shown as a dramatised episode of Fear files, aired on Zee tv. But things told in it are true.

    As a human being, I have done my duty of cautioning all readers as well as the author.

    Neil, you may have written it for our benefit, but may be unaware of what I told, so I have written it.

    Some readers might ask, that how can I comment without experiencing it, but, to tell you, we know that after consuming poison, a person dies, so do we have to experience it by consuming it? No.


    Thanks and regards,

    1. Hi raunak i know these things are very danger but why u very fearing if u realy want to do something then risk in every where in life and one thing u right protection is require from ur ishta dev i agree bt first prepare ur self minimum 1year do many vedic mantra sadhna after any one can do this.

    2. Sourabh I am agree with you...

    3. I advice all people to practice Buddhist mantra Om Mani Padimae Hum daily if they have any problems it will better your life and restore good things... 21/108 times

  5. Any other devi mantra who don't make me addict to various bad habits, eg. drugs, nicotine, gambling, drinking etc. and helps me grow with my family, gives happiness to my life. without making any ingeury to me?

    1. Practice the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum daily it is a most holy and highly beneficial in the three worlds

  6. Mr Neel N did this mantra " Om Ham Han Swaha " have Harmfull & Side Effect ??? ...

  7. Kya ye process ek hi din mai pura karna hai

  8. I agree with the person who is trying to let you know the dangers of this sadhana. A pishachini is a female form of a pishach.

    And why does Hanuman Chalise have the passage: Bhoot pishach nikat nahi aave mahaveer jab naam sunave. Because boths Bhoot and Pishach are negative energies who do not care for the welfare of us humans, and therefore can not be in the same place where god's name is being praised.

    Besides,....their power is very limited. I would recommend to do Gandharva or Apsara sadhana instead, since they are positive energies and care for human kind. They are from the realm of the gods and are clean entities with respect for the gods as we do.

    I hope this helps

    Ohm Namah Shivaya!

  9. Kindly tell side effects of this mantra if any

  10. sir marrid vyakti ye sadhna kar skta hai kya

  11. Dear All,
    Please stop practising any KARNA PISHACHINI SADHANA or SIDDHI.
    It’s a pishach sadhana and tamsik or aghora in nature and it can never ever be satvik.
    The person who starts this sadhana or siddhi is inviting unwanted trouble for himself and his family members. It is very easy to practice and attain the siddhi compared to any other Satvik Sadhana and Siddhi, BUT if the sadhak is not able to control the pishacha or the mystic entity, post his/her death they will enter into PISHACHA YONI, means they will became pishacha for 100% SURE. And post attaining this siddhi, if one is not able to satisfy the needs and desires of the mystic entity, take it for granted that he/she will leave for only few days and all these days would be worse than HELL for them
    Most of the mystic entities can only tell you the past and only a few can tell about past, present and future.
    If anyone has attained this siddhi, then initially the mystic entity will listen and fulfil all their desires in telling the past present and future for less things in return for them. However once the sadhak becomes addicted, then the mystic entity starts demanding more and more unwanted things and starts makes one’s life miserable. Normally, It asks the following things in return fish meat, blood of anything which it likes, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, split saliva, eating own stool, drinking one’s own urine, rice in human skull, sexual pleasures and many other unwanted things which are tamsik and aghora in nature. Remember all the above mentioned things has to be eaten, consumed and served (sexual intercourse with mystic entity) by the sadhak himself/herself.
    Normally this kind of sadhana or siddhi is advised and attained by advance sadhak or mantrik, tantric who knows how to control such mystic entities or who has GURU UPADESHA or Blessings from own GURU’s.

    Shriram OM

    1. people like you make the world most habitable,

      so how does one control the pishachini, mean what powers are required to be able to subdue pacify or gain the upper hand over the pishachini without her giving much torment or one becoming pishachini after death?

    2. Sir I m avijit FM Kolkata want to do karnapishachini sadhana also I want to do sex with her and want to marry her and also drink her urine plz tell me the sadhana process my whatsapp 8017153380.

  12. Karna Pisachini Sadhana is very dangerous and it's not for normal human beings. It gives ability to know about anyone, anywhere, anytime. It gives ability to know past and present. Sadhaka who wants to perform he should be ready to avoid marriage in the life. Or is he is married already so he can not enjoy sex in whole life with wife. I inform to all of you, don't try this sadhana in any situations this sadhana is ONLY for aghories who can de these things a normal human can't follow procedures of karna pisachini sadhana this is very hard and impossible. In this sadhana you can not do worship for god and goddess in whole life, you cannot speak any chant of god and goddess, You can not do any kind of worships. You have to eat your stools and you have to drink your urine always. You cannot eat any food, you cannot drink water or any other drinks. You will be packed in a room for Days Minimum. In this sadhana person will do japa of chant from rosary of human bones. During period of chanting he will do massage from his stools and urine if he has. In this sadhana he has to drink urine and eat stools bathroom only always and after sadhana after 3 or 4 days he has to eat it. He cannot avoid in in whole life. He has to live without bath for 21 days. In that period he live like evil in room. He cannot brush his teeth, he cannot get bath, he cannot eat food etc. He will do this sadhana with chant ONLY from bone made rosary. After 21 days karna pisachini will come in nude position and she will try to do sex with you. You should not start sex, You should do japa daily and you should avoid sex but she will force you and you will fell strong sexual sensation but don't start it from your side. At every night she will come at last night she will come and she will do stools and urine etc in front of you after she will put it on your body also she will play with your penis. After that she will start sex with you and after she will give you her bone made rosary and she will wear your bone made rosary. After that she will take 3 promises from you, you have to follow it and accept it.

    1. You can not speak about me with anyone otherwise i will kill you immediate

    2. You have to do sex always only with me, This is your duty

    3. You cannot avoid me or you can not try to leave me otherwise i will kill you on the spot.

    After yout promise she will give you kiss and after that she will always help you , She will attract customers for you automatically they will come and meet you. Whatever they will ask karna pisachini will give answer to you in your ears. From your predictions everyone will be surprised. Nothing they can hide from you. Karna pisachini tells past and present only she can not speak about future so whatever you said about past everything is true than anyone can believe on you if you will say anything about future from your mind. This sadhana sadhana is good for earning and money increasement, high level achievements. But this sadhana gives lots of pains in your life. You will get money and wealth, position, power everything but your hapiness, your human nature everything you will loss after this sadhana. You have to do sex after 3-4 days with karna pisachini. You cannot make any relation with other womens. You have to eat always your stools and urine you have to drink. Sometime you have to eat stools of karna pisachini is she wants. You cannot stop this sadhana if you starts once otherwise immediate karna pisachini will kill you on the spot. This sadhana has two ways only - You will get success or you will die. Thats it.

    We mentioned if for awareness purpose and for Aghori and Tantriks Only. This Sadhana not for Normal Human beings.

    In this sadhana you need Karna pisachini Yantra, Red Woolen Mat or Aasan, Human's Bones Made Rosary from 54 Bones 2 pieces, One for wearing one for Japa.

    1. If possible please contact me on rajarshidilse@gmail.com... I have few things to share may be to solve .....thank you . for be looking forward for your mail. This is also a request to people who are knowledgeable and are ready to help.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. namas te narasimhaya
      hiranyakashipor vakshah

      ito nshimhah parato nrisimho
      yato yato yami tato nrisimhah
      bahir nrisimho hridaye nrisimho
      nrisimham adim sharanam prapadye

      I offer my obeisances to Lord Nrisimha-deva, who is always giving bliss to His devotees like Prahlada Maharaja and chiselling at the hearts of demons like Hiranyakashipu. The devotee always sees Lord Nrisimha everywhere. Lord Nrisimha is within and without. Therefore let us all take shelter of Lord Nrisimha.

      Prayer to Lord Nrisimha

      tava kara-kamala-vare nakham adbhuta-sringham
      keshava dhrita-narahari-rupa jaya jagadisha hare

      O my Lord Nrisimha, Your hands are very beautiful like the lotus flower, but with Your long nails You have ripped apart the wasp Hiranyakashipu. Unto You, Lord of the universe, I offer my humble obeisances.

    4. Sir o had a dream in my childhood days that I had entered into a large cave. In that I had seen a huge and gaint women sleeping on a rock and some people are fucking her. she saw me and ask to fuck her futher what I have done I don't know. But upto that I remember clearly that she asked to fuck her. Could you please tell me who is she or just it's a dream.

    5. Anyway, A female to female sexual activity is considered as chances of getting wealth while a male to female sex is considered as getting more sexual pleasure in life

  13. Hey simply don't spread rumours and make people afraid of sadhanas. Even I was once a victim of such over cowardly cautions. Caution needs to be taken before sadhana which are : Have a Powerful Guru (like me for eg.),Always worship your guru and ishta, always chant gurumantra, follow guru's instructions. If you have a real sadguru no power in eternal universe can harm you.
    Now let me clarify about karna pisachini sadhana, the dangers involved in karna pisachini sadhana is in case of Vama-chara way, same sadhana can be done with vedic method where chances of harm are very less. If you only want to know future and earn name and fame without karna pisachini , for that also there are other sadhanas. You can mail me for some extra details. mail:nageshshenai00@gmail.com

  14. For readers clarification I am not the guru Like me in the bracket means I have a powerful whose disciple I am so please keep in mind before mailing me. You can always mail me for queries and also those who are in search of a real sadguru.Jai Gurudev.

  15. Sir please tell me that in how many days I should complete 125,000 Mantra jaap ?

  16. I won't go in detail explaining positives/negatives of Karn Pishachini Saadhna as many people already did it here.

    But one thing i want to add:

    This saadhna strictly meant for Aghori's. If you are living with a family then Karn Pishachini saadhna is not for you. If you still doing it then you never know when this saadhna backfires you or on your family which includes but not restricted to sudden unnatural death of family member(s).

    Those saying that one needs initiation or a guru to start this saadhna then i must add, no guru would ever suggest to do this saadhna to a person living with family.

    This is not my words but said by many aghori's itself.

    Stay safe. There's lots of other saadhna's available which you can pursue. Households should strictly stay away from Karna Pischachini saadhna :)

  17. Is there any body who got success in this Karna Pischachini sadhana. I tried once with another mantra(Om Arvindhe swaha), but it was not successful to me. Pls anybody tell me the way to get success in this sadhana.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Please find a guru for better base for success in sadhanas.If you need help in finding guru you can contact me on nageshshenai00@gmail.com

  19. listen man i already have all these abilities on my own how can someone stop after they started accidentally

    1. You mean you have started a karna pisachini sadhana?

  20. Sadhana done with sincerity and devotion leads to success..my experience

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  22. Kya ye mantra sirf normally jaap karne se pura hoga.....ya phir iske liye koi procedure ya ritual follow karna hoga iss mantra ke pura hone ke liye.....what I mean to ask is that kya sirf jaap karne se ye mantra successful nhi hoga....ya phir puja karni hogi mantra jaap ke sath sath


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