Siddhi Yakshini Mantra

This is one more of the rare and unknown Yakshini Mantras; this one is chanted to invoke a Yakshini, known as the Siddhi Yakshini. Most people would certainly not heard of this mystical feminine entity or her functions. However a specific Sadhana is prescribed to invoke her, which is said to fulfill all the hopes, aspirations and desires of the Sadhak.

The mantra has to be chanted 1 Million times to get Siddhi over it. The Sadhana is commenced in the period of the Revati Nakshatra [Zeta Piscum].

The Sadhak has to chant the mantra 5000 times and while chanting the mantra he or she has to cook rice in a clay pot. Then after this the Sadhak has to perform 500 Havans with offerings of Pure Ghee,Guggul and the Chrysanthemum flowers;chanting the mantra and offering these ingredients to the fire;500 times.

This Yakshini Mantra has to be continued daily till the 1 Million chants are completed.

Hindu Siddhi Yakshini Calling Mantra
Siddhi Yakshini Mantra

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