Attraction Spell for Family Members

There are very few homes where everything is hunky dory between all the members of the family living together under the same roof. In many countries like India, there is still a joint family culture and in most cases there are differences between the family members, whether with the in-laws, sister or brother-in-laws or even with parents or brothers and sisters.

Sometimes these differences can be of a severe nature and could turn out to be nasty and dangerous. A simple Vashikaran Sadhana; without the use of any type of Mantra/Tantra to sort out this problem is given here in this post. This remedy is a spell to attract family members.

On any Saturday take 7 Cloves and take the name of the family member you wish to bring under your spell of attraction 21 times and keep aside.

Then on a Sunday take one of the 7 Cloves and throw it into the fire. Then on each of the coming 6 Sundays throw 1 Clove into the fire. Thus you have to do this Sadhana for 7 continuous Sundays.

If women are practicing this Sadhana, they have to take a break if they are having their monthly periods; they can continue after the completion of the periods.

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  1. thanks for the spell - many families need this across the globe!

  2. Sir ,you are doing a wonderful job by providing us this valuable informatuon.Pls keep up the good work.I would like to know if the above spell can be invoked on person who is not a family member but has always regarded me as a sister and recenlty some misunderstandings has been created between us.pls reply

  3. Can I do this for my parents as brother staying away after marriage he is not talking to anyone in the family

  4. Pls let me know what it means by21 times ,also if I do this I clove on each Sunday for 6 Sundays what do I do with the balance cloves,Thank you so much

  5. thanks for the spell.Pls let me know what it means by21 times .

  6. Namaste Guruji, 3 members are in my family other than me. Should need do to combine or to do individually. As you mentioned in the post 7 cloves for each individual right. If so I have to take 21 cloves for 3 members. Kindly advice me.

    1. The same Vashikaran Experiment has to be repeated for each individual family member.
      The Vashikaran Experiments can be practiced at the same time, one after the other.

  7. Sir, i got some questions to be raised...
    1) 7 clove for one person or entire family members
    2) can this vashikaran experiment used for family members that not staying with us?
    3) should i tell that person name 21 times? I dont understand what should i do 21 times?

    Thank you sir.

    1. The entire Vashikaran experiment described is for one family member, if you wish to put a spell on any other member, you can simultaneously attempt the same procedure for that member.
      As mentioned in the post you have to take the name of the family member.
      Basically this Vashikaran Mantra is for putting a spell on those who live in the same house, however, you can also try it on others who do not stay with you.

  8. Whether this clove sadhana is satvik kind of practice? Plz clarify our query guruji.

  9. Can it be done to improve relationship between 2 family members who have issues with each other? What I meant is that not for me but to improve their relationship with each oher.

    1. Yes, but either one of the 2 concerned person should perform this Vashikaran Spell.

  10. Can I do for them
    As I know they won't do it? Anything else you suggest or advise to improve relationship between two other family members like father and son that I can do for them.

  11. Sir putting it in fire means can we put it in gas stove bcos I don't havewooden fire as iam staying in flat

    1. You can put them on the gas stove or light a couple of camphor tablets in a bowl and burn them.

  12. Hello Neelji

    Can I do this for a friend, just want to get back in touch with her. If not is there any other totka you can recommend? Thanks

    1. It could work to attract your friend, there are many other options in the Attraction Mantras Sections of this site.


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