Paranormal Remedies to get Success

A couple of simple Indian paranormal remedies to successfully complete any important work; like a job interview or business meeting and to overcome any obstacles, mental problems or bad luck which might be encountered are given here.

These are among the numerous such unique remedies found in the Indian scriptures. The purpose of posting them here is because they are easy to practice and it does not require any kind of Mantra chanting. Of course they have been given for those who believe and practice such remedies; and there are a huge number of them around.

While leaving your home for the important work, take some whole wheat grains in your hand. Then while on the way drop a grain one by one on the ground, till you reach your final destination. This is said to ensure success.

Take five sticks of Cloves or five petals of Garlic [with the skins removed]. Any one of these two items can be wrapped in a piece of paper and kept in the pocket. This is said to ensure that the important work is successfully completed or that no disturbing events occur throughout the day.

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  1. sir, can you please suggest some PARANORMAL remedies to gain lost hair and shed excess weight?

    1. Eating lots of garlic and onion helps with hair lost, especially, if they are raw and they may help you shed weight. Try to eat at least 3 cloves of garlic per day and one onion.

  2. flax seed is best and fenugreek seed are right remedy for hair loss..i was having till shoulder i can show my pic its below my waist and healthy hair.....try it..good luck...

    1. What is the procedure to apply those seeds on scalp ?

  3. i m asking for PARANORMAL remedy, this is scientific, which you mentioned.

    However, how can we use it? Application or direct consumption, Sapna?

  4. How to use the fengruseed for hair, should i eat it or apply on the air

  5. hello sir, what we have to with the garlic or cloves after the end of the day? we have to keep it or throw away?thanks

  6. Dear Sir,

    Many many thanks to you.

    The second method is working effectively for me. Recently I tried this when I applied for Car Loan and the complete loan approval process was very smooth and i did not face any obstacle and got high respect from all the staff and manager and that too from a public sector bank.

    It will work very effective if your motive and intention is good. Before leaving home for any important work what I do is take five clove and place it before lord Ganesha and pray and than rap it in paper and keep in my pocket.

    I wanted to know post work What I was supposed to do with those cloves, should I throw them outside or immerse in flowing water or leave them below coconut tree. PLEASE REPLY SIR.

    Once Again Thank you very much

    1. It is best to immerse them in flowing water, once your work is done.

    2. please let me confirm the clove shall immersed in water after work is completed ? or if we retain as usual for next work any problem guruji ? Please guide.

    3. i want to know Post work done, weather the Cloves shall be immersed in flowing water ? or keeping same with us does have any problem ? Guruji please guide us.

    4. See the answer to the comment above, the cloves have to be immersed in flowing water.

    5. If there is no flowing water nearby then wat to do??

    6. I m in networking Business n not getting the desired results..... Ppl who cane after me r growing like anything..... Pls tell me d solution so tht i can hav gud results n my team grows rapidly and everyone in my team is successful

  7. Sir,

    I am jobless from last 2 years. I tried many things but it never worked for me. some I did after reading from your suggestions here in

    When I try to do something [ business ] it also fails. It has happened 2 times.

    I will be happy to know about getting job as early as possible. I am financially dead.


  8. Sir,
    In case of job interview cloves should be immerse in flowing water after the interview or after the result?


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