Evil - Eye Charm for Children - 2

Indian Tantriks prescribe some preventive paranormal remedies to ward off, prevent and remove the effects of Jadu Tona [Black Magic] and the Evil Eye [Buri Nazar]. Children being the most susceptible to such malefic energies and activities by practitioners of Blackmagic and malefic Tantra are prescribed special Charms. In this post I am giving a special Charm to secure children from what is described above.

This simple; yet most powerful Evil- Eye Charm for Children is a Sanskrit Mantra which has to be written on a piece of Bhojpatra, using the paste of Kesat[Saffron] and written with a pointed wooden writing stick.

Then the Yantra is energized with offerings of scented flowers and the lighting of an incense stick and a lamp of Clarified Butter.

Then it is stitched in a cloth amulet and worn as a protective Charm around the neck of the child.

Hindu Evil - Eye Charm for Children - 2
Evil - Eye Charm for Children - 2

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