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Shabar Mantra to reverse black magic spells

This is a powerful and potent Shabar Mantra to reverse black magic spells and send them back to the one who is originally practicing them on you. This is Navanath Shabar Mantra for the protection of the self and loved ones from all kinds of black magic spells and paranormal practises like Jadu Tona, harmful and dangerous Aghori Mantras, Yantra and Tantra.

The Siddhi is gained on any auspicious occasion or in the period of any Solar or Lunar eclipse by chanting the mantra 10,000 times in all, any kind of Counting Rosary or seat can be used.

Then if you apprehend and suspect that someone is trying to put you under the malicious spells which I have mentioned above, you can chant the mantra with concentration and throw some whole grains of Black Udid Dal [Black Lentils] in all the four directions. Each time you throw the Black Lentils chant the mantra once and remember Guru Gorakhnath in your mind and seek his protection.

Indian Voodoo Exorcism Shabar Mantra to reverse black magic spells
Shabar Mantra to reverse black magic spells

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  1. Can we do this on Shivratri 10th march? Please reply urgently

  2. Sure Maha Shivratri is an auspicious day

  3. dear neel sir,

    if we feel that someone is doing harm to us but don't know the specific person then how should we use this mantra for that unknown person. Also, how many days can be taken to complete the 10,000 chants, I assume the last day must be an auspicious day and not all of the days, is this correct ?

    kind regards

    1. The first day has to be an auspicious occasion and you can break up the number of chants per day as per you convenience.The mantra can be dedicated to unknown enemies.

  4. after completeing 10,000 chants. what we have to do. can we continue this mantra. also pls suggest if no auspicious occation near by then what to do. i want to start immiditly.

  5. also suggest what time should we chant this mantra.

  6. today is good friday can we start from today

  7. You can chant this mantra anytime. Tomorrow is Sankashti Chaturthi an auspicious day.

  8. Dear Sir, thank for your reply. few personal think i want to share with you but i can not write in this blog. i will send to your personal email id. you are requested to pls reply.
    one more think i would like to know if i chant this mantra in guru goraknath templs will it be more effective. if yes pls suggest temple name. ( i m facing lot of problems, i need immidiatly relife)

  9. dear neel sir,

    what is the significance of the daal and Where should the throwing of daal activity be done. i mean if i do this inside of house then i would have to sweep it off the floor. if done just outside my house i would still be walking over this daal, So would it be best to do this in a park away from my home and leave the daal there scattered on the ground ?

    kind regards

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  11. dear sir i am covered by black magic and vashikaran but i cant helped by any one please help me my body is being very weak day to day give me sabarmantra for remove black magic and for strong health my name is nandkishor panchal email is mo.9537069752

    1. please visit and make a question.

      i will pray for you too

  12. Neel sir, im frm bangalore, ur work with god is great and vast with variety of mantras,plz bless me and give dishka as a guru as i want to work only for good, thanx

  13. My friend is under black mgic.. How to cure him by this mntra .. Any procedure please tell


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