Popular way of invoking Hanuman

An extremely popular and common way in India before embarking upon some important work or journey is to seek the blessings of Hanuman to protect you from any dangers you might face during the course of the voyage.

Hanuman being the embodiment of strength, courage and dedication towards fighting the evil forces in nature is an extremely popular deity in India who is worshiped for protection from dangers, accidents, evil spirits, natural calamities and enemy problems.

This site has over a period of time given a lot of rare and ancient Hanuman Mantras and Yantras and now for the layman and there are a lot of them who visit this site, I am giving a really simple way to invoke Hanuman; extremely easy for the .beginner; the one who does not have much knowledge about Hindu religious practices.

To invoke the protection of Hanuman, one has to take a coconut and hold it in the hand and chant the Hanuman mantra - .श्री हनुमते नमः [Shri Hanumate Namah] 11 times. Then the coconut is banged hard upon the ground and broken. Then the coconut water is sprinkled by the person breaking it on himself and on the people who are going with him on the journey. Then pieces of the flesh of the coconut are distributed to all those present as Prasad.

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