Hanuman Yantra – Mantra Sadhana

This is a specific Hanuman Yantra – Mantra Sadhana performed to keep oneself and ones home safe and secure from evil spirits, ghostly entities, evil – eye, black magic, sudden illnesses, household and domestic problems and also enemy problems. The Sadhana is done on any Amavasya [no moon day] night at 11PM.

The Yantra can be prepared on Bhojpatra or white paper and written with any kind of ink. Then it should be kept in the Pooja Place and offered blue colored flowers, agarbatti and gulal. I have specifically mentioned gulal; gandhak or any other powder should not be offered in its place. An Oil Lamp has to be lit and then the mantra given below has to be chanted 27 times; placing your right hand over the Yantra.

Then you can worship this Hanuman Yantra in the same manner everyday. The Hanuman Yantra can also be prepared in Hindi – replace Om with ॐ and Hreem with ह्रीं .

Hanuman Yantra For Amavasya Ritual
 Hanuman Yantra

Hanuman Mantra Chant for New Moon Experiment
 Hanuman  Mantra 

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  1. what should be wriiten in palce of name ??????????????

  2. What should be return in place of 'Name'?
    Many Thanks.

  3. The name of the person who is practicing this Sadhana

  4. dear neel sir,

    do we need to offer blue flowers and gulal every day during prayer or is it just the oil lamp and 27x mantras every day during prayer.

    kind regards

    1. No the Sadhana is done only once.
      The mantra should be chanted once everyday with your usual prayers.

  5. Sir. Can you please clarify the boundry of the yantra. e.g. two black lines are visible on right and below the yantra ( outer side) and two black lines on top and left (inner side) .

  6. Sir, no body is replying. Sir please help

    1. The image of the Yantra is given only as a guideline, it has to be prepared as explained in detail in the post.

  7. namaste guruji,i have 2 questions -

    1- can you please clearify which night of amavasya the puja has to be done.
    For example - next amavasya is on 4th july 2016. the amavasya tithi according to panchang starts on july 3rd (sunday) at 18.53 p.m and ends on july 4th ( monday ) at 16.30 p.m . so guruji in this case the pooja has to be done on sunday night 11.00 p.m( july 3rd ) or on monday night 11.00 p.m (july 4th) .
    2 - the words hreem ,om and name should be written in hindi or its of if it is in english
    ..please reply guruji as i want to try this in coming amavasya..
    thanks .

    1. Yes on the specific time falling during the period of the Amavasya Tithi on Sunday.
      The Hreem Mantra should be written in Hindi, but the name can be written in the English language.

  8. Hello Sir
    Can you please tell me what is gulal? Is it same red color used for holi or something else? please reply

    1. Can you please reply I will really appreciate it.
      thank you

    2. Yes, that is right, it is the same Gulal,which is used in processions and Holi.


  10. Neel sir..I really intend to do this for my nephew by using white paper and red pen and sir 1.can this paper be laminated and 2. further is it okay if my nephew keeps it with him in his wallet or his shirt pocket
    3.would it be okay if gulal is not used or presented before the yantra or is it a must sir,that gulal must be offered to the yantra.
    Please do guide and answer Neel sir.

    1. You can laminate and use it for yourself and your nephew and keep it in the pocket, but Gulal has to used as mentioned in the post,

  11. Thank you so much Neel sir for guiding with your answer.


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