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Laxmi Stotra

This is a small but very powerful Stotra recited in praise of Laxmi. This Stotra has to be recited for a total of 103 times on Saturday nights ,after worshipping Laxmi. The worship and the recitation of the Stotra should be from the bottom of your heart. This Stotra gives the worshipper protection from evil spirits and also money, wealth and happiness. This Stotra is from the Shaabri Vidhya branch of Hindu mantras and Stotras popularised in the middle ages by the nine saints and masters the Navnaths.

Nostradamus - Revival of Hinduism

This is one Quatrain of Nostradamus, which has yet to be interpreted. I found this Quatrain interesting and obviously futuristic. I feel probably the time for the fulfillment of this prophecy will coincide with the arrival of the 10th and final Avatar of Vishnu Kalki Avatar who appears time and again in the Prophecies of Nostradamus. I have interpreted this Quatrain as being clearly descriptive of the revival of the Hindu way of life and the rejection of the present day organized and manmade religion, prevalent in most parts of the world.

Vashikaran Mantra for lover

This is a Vashikaran mantra for the specific purpose of attracting and wining over the person you love from the bottom of your heart. This mantra can be tried by both men and women. Before starting one should pray for success in the venture. Then for a total period of 21 days this mantra has to be recited daily for a total of 108 times.

Mantra to cure Jaundice

This is a Shaabri mantra which is said to cure Jaundice.The procedure for the use of this mantra is- Recite this mantra while holding a needle in your hand.This will bind [abhimintrit] the needle with this mantra. Then take water in a small utensil and dip the needle in the water and sprinkle the water on the person who is suffering from Jaundice. It has been said that doing so cures the illness of Jaundice.

Mantra for curing Cataract

This is a Shaabri Vidhya mantra for curing and getting relief from the illness of Cataract. These mantras are said to be powerful Health Mantras written in the commonly spoken script of the middle ages. The procedure for the use of this mantra is – This mantra has to be recited and an iron nail has to be hammered into the ground 21 times. Doing this is said to cure the disease of Cataract.

Protection Mantra for Children

This is a unique mantra for the protection and welfare of ones child. Everyone is sometimes or the other fearful for the safety and welfare of ones child. To use this mantra you have to hold a little bit of water [in a small cup] in your hands, the mantra has to be recited 101 times while holding the water in your hand, this will abhimintrit [bind] the water with this mantra. Then this water has to be applied as a Tilak on the forehead of your child.

Gomata Mantra

Gomata or the Cow is since the Vedic period a sacred animal in Hinduism.The Cow has been referred to on numerous occasions in the Vedas as a representation wealth and happiness. In the olden times the Cow was the source of food as milk and milk products were commonly consumed, hence it was seen as a giver or source of food and held in the highest esteem. The Cow was and is still seen as a representative of God for the simple reason that it gives its all and does not ask for anything in return, it happily feeds on grass.

Tulsi Prarthana

This is the Hindu prayer normally recited while praying to the Tulsi plant. The Tulsi or the Holy Basil plant is a common feature in most Hindu Households. The prayer is recited early in the morning while watering the Tulsi plant after having a bath. This prayer or Prarthana is a verse from the Tulsi Stotra .

Mantra before taking food

This verse from the Bhagavad-Gita [chapter4 verse 24] is a very popular Hindu Mantra which is recited before taking food. The meaning of this Mantra is-He the one who eats the food is the Brahman [ever-existent], he is eating [offering] the food which is also the Brahman to the ever- existent fire [the stomach] which is also the Brahman. He seeks nothing but harmony and peace not only in himself but everywhere.

Sourav Ganguly - Royal Bengal Tiger ?

With Cricket, Cricket and more Cricket everywhere, I am but compelled to write about Cricket. With the continuing media, frenzy going on I have noticed some Kings / Legends / Champions all over the media. One such King is Brand Sourav Ganguly . This Cricketer nicknamed the ‘ Royal Bengal Tiger’ by his fanatical fans and his distant cousins the Cricket ‘historians’ is amongst those hogging the limelight most.

Mantra for trouble free journey.-2

This is another Mantra for trouble free journey . These mantras are from the ancient Hindu branch of powerful Protection Mantras . This mantra like the previous one is dedicated to Gautam Maharishi one of the Saptarishis or the seven great Sages of the Hindu religion. The origin of many mantras as well as religious scriptures and practices can be traced back to Gautam Maharishi.

ICC World Cup Overdose

The ICC World Cup Cricket has commenced with the opening ceremony in Dhaka on 17th Feb and is to finally end with the final in Mumbai on 2nd April. A 45 days long event. And for those not interested in Cricket a 45 days long torture, a period of nausea finally progressing to vomiting. This over deal started at least a month before the opening ceremony and the aftermath will most probably continue for a minimum of 15 days after the final.

Mantra for tooth and gum pain

This is a powerful Shaabri Health Mantra dedicated to the Hindu god of infinite strength Hanuman. This is a mantra which removes pain in the gums, this type of pain can be very painful and sometimes uncontrollable and sufferer is at wits as what to do and appears to be helpless. The procedure for this experiment is a nail or a thick thorn is to be hammered in the trunk of any tree while reciting this Mantra . It is said that doing this relieves the uncontrollable pain in the gums.

Healing by Gold ,Silver and Copper

Gold, Silver and Copper have each been given certain attributes as to treating diseases and ailments; these metals have been and are still being used as home remedies in the treatment and healing of diseases and ailments, more particularly in India. This treatment is extremely easy for anyone to use in order to preserve health and Wellbeing .

Shivling Prarthana

This is a verse taken from the Lingashtakam which has been recommended as a short prayer or Prarthanas dedicated to the Shivling.The Shivling is one of the most important symbols in the Hindu religion. It is the representation of Shiva, the eternal light of reproduction or creation from which originated the whole of creation. The meaning of this verse is that the worshipper is bowing before the eternal Shivling, which is worshipped by everyone including the Gods and the Sages. The Shivling which burnt Kamdev the God of love to ashes. The Shivling which is the giver of bliss and the Shivling which destroyed the ego and pride of Ravana.

Vaidyanatha Prarthana

This is a verse taken from the Vaidyanatha Ashtakam which is most often recited as a short prayer or Prarthana to seek the blessings of Vaidyanatha, that divine form of Shiva as the eternal physician and healer. Such prayers are useful to those devotees who find it difficult to recite and pronounce long Chalisas and Stotras . The meaning of this verse is that - I am worshipping Vaidyanatha who is the lord of the physicians, who is worshipped by Rama, Laxman and Jatayu. The Vedas, Subrhamanya, the Sun and Mars also worship him.

Mantra for eye problems

This is another Shaabri Vidhya Mantra for Eye troubles . These are said to be very effective Health Mantras . These mantras were popularly practiced as remedies for various ailments in the middle ages. It is said that this mantra relieves eye pain. An Agarbathi has to be lit and the ash falling from the Agarbathi has to taken as Vibhuti and lightly applied over the closed eyelids while reciting this mantra. Doing is said to relieve all types of eye pain and problems relating to the eyes.

Mantra for indigestion

This is a unique Health Mantra for the very common problem of chronic indigestion, gas problems and acidity. These are problems connected to the stomach and normally arise after meals. This mantra has to be recited seven times after having meals. While reciting this Mantra you should move your hand slowly over your stomach. It is said that doing this resolves the problem of acidity.

Real Cause of Unhappiness

This post is dedicated to all those who are feeling unhappy or sad due to a variety of reasons. To really understand what is unhappiness, why it is caused and its purpose,one has to go beyond conventional thinking. I would like you to have a look at this very popular poem written by Kabir, the great Indian poet whose writings have a blend of Non-Duality and the Spiritual . The meaning of this poem is that whenever a person is unhappy or has suffered a loss he remembers God and seeks his help.and intervention This can be compared to digging a well when you are thirsty. When there are no problems there is no God, very few remember him.

Mantra for getting good husband - 2

A lot of my readers write asking for a powerful Mantra for getting good husband . As I am unable to reply to each and everyone individually, I am giving here another powerful Attraction Mantra which is said to attract a husband according to ones desires.

Mantra to cure fever

These are powerful Health Mantras which are used to cure fever, shivering as a result of fever and also night fever. Please note that this is given for information purposes and not as a replacement for your existing treatment.

Most Powerful Health Mantra - 2

This is another most powerful Shaabri Health Mantra . This mantra is said to give relief from most types of diseases and is said to be most effective in eradicating diseases from the body. This mantra has to be recited by Abhimintriting [binding by the mantra] water which has to be kept in one hand while reciting this mantra 108 times. This water has to be then given to the person suffering from disease to drink. If it is you who is suffering then you can do it yourself. This mantra is said to keep the body free from illnesses.

Most Powerful Mantra for Success

This is considered to be an extremely powerful and effective Mantra for success in any venture or success in any pending matter like court cases or litigation or a matter relation to your Protection or Wealth . .No matter howsoever difficult the specific want may be, this mantra is said to give success.

Shri Ganesh Abhang - 2

Ganesha Worship consists of devotional compositions in the Marathi language, known as Abhangs.These Abhangs or Prarthanas were prayers composed by realized saints of the middle ages from Maharashtra. The language used is the old Marathi script which is not spoken anymore.

Hinduism on Liberation

These are some very interesting verses from the ancient Hindu scripture the Garuda Purana, composed thousands of years back in time. These verses are descriptive of the evolution of life and the ultimate liberation. I felt that this could be of interest to those having a Spiritual inclination. There is only one Ever-Existent-Shiva, the Supreme Brahman. He is indivisible, all encompassing, he is in everything.

Dattatreya Aarti - English - Marathi - 4

This is one more Aarti recited by devotees in praise of Dattatreya in the Marathi language. Dattatreya is the omnipresent ever-existent and the sum total of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. This Aarti is deeply Spiritual in nature. The devotee sees all of creation present in his guru. He sees Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh present in the guru. He visualizes his guru as Ram and Krishna, the guru is Gajanan as well as Shiv-Shakti, nothing is separate from the guru and in the guru everything is present. The devotee experiences the guru inside himself. On the higher levels of devotion the devotee and the devoted become one, as the devotee experiences and enjoys Non-Duality .

What is Sourav Ganguly up to ?

With the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 scheduled to commence on 19 Feb, 2011 Cricket is the dominant topic in the media for the past few days. I watched in amusement as one news channel picked its Dream Indian team. Again, I was amused and mystified to see Sourav Ganguly as its captain. Time and again, I have watched with amusement Ganguly being bestowed greatness after greatness by some Cricket historians, who I suspect are distant cousins of his.

Mahalaxmi Devotional Mantra

This is a Mantra which is normally recited in praise of the Goddess of Wealth and abundance Mahalaxmi, before the commencement of prayers. This is a devotional mantra, recited while lighting a diva or lamp before the photo or idol of Mahalaxmi.Mahalaxmi here is symbolized as the divine mother or Adi – Shakti.The mantra can also be recited in praise of other goddesses symbolized as Adi – Shakti.

Mahalaxmi Protection Mantra

This is a powerful Mahalaxmi Mantra for Protection This is a dashakshari mantra or a mantra having 10 letters. This mantra was given by the sage Narayan Muni to Narada. While giving this mantra to Narada, Narayan Muni told him “Hey Narada this is the same daskakshari mantra which was given by Santkumar to Puskrakasha, who so ever recites this mantra forever will be free from danger. He will always come out the winner in everything which he does. Evil energies will never trouble him”.

S Band Scam Mystery

In one thought that the Rs.1, 76,000 crores 2G Spectrum Scam was the last straw in the ongoing exposures of scam after scam, one is badly mistaken. Initial reports spread over the past 2 days indicate that the S Band Spectrum scam has raised the bar in the unimaginable magnitude of the ongoing INDIA. One shudders to imagine what next?

Ganesh Prarthana - 2

This is a short Prarthana or prayer in the Marathi language which is recited in praise of Ganesha or Ganapati.This is normally a part of a longer prarthana which is very popular and recited in praise of various deities. Here I have taken only the first verse as I feel it is sufficient as the entire devotion of the worshipper is signified in this verse, also it makes the prayer easy to recite everyday and the worshipper does not get tired by monotonous repetitions.

Ganesha Worship

Shri.Ganesha or Ganapati is arguably one of the most worshiped and popular of the Hindu deities in India, and certainly the most popular deity in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Ganesha is also called by 1000 other names, each of which signifies and symbolizes a different meaning and quality attributed towards him. The main qualities are the God of all beginnings, the remover of obstacles and the God of wisdom and intelligence.

Shri.Ganesh Abhang

This is a Abhang sung in praise of the Hindu God of all beginnings Shri.Ganesh. Abhangs are devotional Prarthanas or prayers which are composed in a poetic form. The Abhangs are mostly in the Marathi language which was spoken by the masses in the middle ages. They are an integral part and parcel of worship in the Varkari sampradaya in Maharashtra. These Abhangs were composed by enlightened saints like Tukaram and there is normally a deep meaning attached to them. They were first recited by these saints at public platforms to enlighten the masses.

Powerful Vashikaran Mantra

This is a powerful Attraction Mantra for the purposes of Vashikaran from the ancient Hindu scripture the Rudrayamala Tantra. I have been told that this Mantra really works wonders if recited with faith and concentration. This is a mantra which will attract everyone, and make them come under your spell of attraction.

Ganesh Prarthana

Today the 7th February 2011 is Ganesh Jayanti the day which is celebrated as the birth day of Shri.Ganesh. This jayanti falls on Magha Shukla Paksha Chaturthi, or the fourth day in the month of Magha according to the Hindu calendar. On this occasion I have composed a short prayer or Prarthana dedicated to Shri Ganesh. This is a short prayer which is easy for everyone to recite, especially for those of you who find it difficult to recite and pronounce lengthy Chalisas and Stotras . It is not important how much you pray but how you pray. Wishing a happy Ganesh Jayanti to all.

The Baba Ramdev Revolution ?

Baba Ramdev the Yoga and spiritual Guru has sounded the bugle of revolution to combat Corruption in India which has engulfed the entire nation and threatens to destroy the existence of the Indian citizens. At this moment of time, the ECONOMIC CONDITION OF INDIA shines more brightly than ever for the handful of looters and the parasites who feed of them. In these desperate circumstances, Baba Ramdev is probably the only light at the end of the tunnel, which many in this country see.

Kapur Aarti

This is the Aarti in Marathi which is recited while lighting and offering Kapur or Camphor to Shirdi Sai Baba . This Aarti is recited while burning as an offering Camphor tablets, also known as Kapur or Karpoor in Hindi, to Sai Baba. The significance of the burning of Camphor tablets is symbolized as the burning away all the negative energy and thoughts from ones being and inviting the positive energy of the deity being worshipped. Lighting of Camphor tablets before a deity is an integral part and parcel of worship in the Hindu religion.

Jesus Christ's illumination

These are some verses from the Bible, which I found to be of great interest, this is as clear a description of the opening of the Crown Chakra as one can come across. The Crown Chakra is the last of THE SEVEN CHAKRAS . This chakra also called the Sahasara Chakra, is situated on the crown of the head and is golden in color, this chakra has one thousand spokes and is the chakra from which the life energy in the body rises from the Muladhara chakra to the Ajna chakra and then through the crown for the ultimate union with god or the universal life energy. Let’s have a look at these verses from the Bible regarding Jesus Christ.

2G Spectrum Scam Cover - Up

A Raja the former the former Telecom Minister I am sure might have been influenced by his astrologer to enter politics. The learned astrologer might have forecast that Raja had a powerful ‘Rajyog’ in his horoscope, that he would gain national and international fame, his name would be on the lips of everyone. The forecast has come true for A. Raja, the Pawn who everyone loves to call the King.

Shri.Ram Prarthana - 2

This is a popular Bhajan recited in praise of Shri.Ram which is recommended as a prayer or Prarthana . This prayer is very simple for everyone to recite as it does not involve complicated pronunciations. The only rule is that it should be recited with a pure and clean heart.

Mahalaxmi Mantra - 4

These are some Wealth Mantras for specific purposes. These Mantras are recited to gain the favor and blessings of the Goddess Mahalaxmi, the Hindu Goddess of plenty and abundance. This is considered to be a very powerful mantra to increase your business. If you have a shop or office it has to be kept neat, clean and hygienic. It is said that Laxmi stays only in places which are neat and clean and these places should have an image or photo of Mahalaxmi. This mantra has to be recited 108 times after putting flowers and agarbatti before the photo of Mahalaxmi.

Wikileaks affecting Indian Stock Markets

The recent speculation if Wikileaks exposes Indian accounts in Swiss Banks has led to intense activity amongst the black money launderers and the Indian looters. There have been reports that the loot stashed away in the ‘safe havens’ like the Swiss Banks is being rapidly withdrawn and diverted to undisclosed destinations. The Swiss Banks on their part are desperate to retain these free funds at their disposal.

Corruption in India - 3

The Indian Government for the past few years, and more so after the post liberalization period after 1991 has been living inside the stomach of the tiger of corruption. Like the lady of Niger, the looters smiled when they rode the tiger. Now they are returning from the ride with the looters inside and a smile on the face of the tiger. The looters aided and abetted the tiger of corruption and shared some of the looted blood and flesh, now there is nothing they can do other than feast on whatever comes their way inside the stomach of the tiger.