ICC World Cup Overdose

The ICC World Cup Cricket has commenced with the opening ceremony in Dhaka on 17th Feb and is to finally end with the final in Mumbai on 2nd April. A 45 days long event. And for those not interested in Cricket a 45 days long torture, a period of nausea finally progressing to vomiting. This over deal started at least a month before the opening ceremony and the aftermath will most probably continue for a minimum of 15 days after the final.

The frenzy in the Indian media is to be seen to be believed. News it seem has come to a standstill, as News channels compete with each other to hog prime time viewership. For days on end, I have noticed that every channel has recruited its own panel of experts from all over the world. These former Cricketers branded as Kings / Legends /Champions are seen sitting on stools for long periods of live coverage in the News rooms of these channels. The predictable conversations between these experts and the anchors is for the uninterested a pain to watch, thankfully you can switch to some entertainment channel. To be fair to the Kings they are on a free all expense paid holiday. But it seems that other News has come to a standstill.

This coupled with all the latest happening on the Cricket field, the live coverage of the matches and the News and gossip will certainly make a lot of people pull their hair out in frustration. But its seems obvious that business has a lot to do with this extra over dose. The sponsors and the advertisers have lined up and its boom time for the media. None wants to be left behind, and the one-upmanship continues.

I was the other day talking to a long time Cricket fan. This person told me that he doesn’t connect with the Indian Cricketers of today, like he did with the old timers. He said that he did not feel like he was watching sportsmen, but 11 brands of different value playing for India. Maybe the current young generation has got used to watching brands doing duty for their country. He further said that it was irritating to watch some of these 20 -25 year old brands showing a lot of attitude on television.

But the uninterested must understand that Cricket is the only popular sport in India. The management of all other games is in the hands of the Politicians and the Bureaucrats, as offices of profit, which has destroyed these sports. But in spite of the influx of Politicians as office bearers Cricket has survived. So please take this over dose in your stride and watch some other channels and of course spare a thought for the News channels, they have families to feed.

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