Gomata Mantra

Gomata or the Cow is since the Vedic period a sacred animal in Hinduism.The Cow has been referred to on numerous occasions in the Vedas as a representation wealth and happiness. In the olden times the Cow was the source of food as milk and milk products were commonly consumed, hence it was seen as a giver or source of food and held in the highest esteem. The Cow was and is still seen as a representative of God for the simple reason that it gives its all and does not ask for anything in return, it happily feeds on grass.

The Cow is a harmless animal which feeds on grass and does not harm anyone. Along with milk Cow dung which is nothing but an extract of the grass eaten by the Cow is used as fuel in religious ceremonies and homes in ancient times and some even today apply layers of Cow dung as flooring.

Hence Cow slaughter and the consumption of Cow meat was seen in Hinduism as a major sin. One does not kill and eat the one who feeds you. This is a Mantra recited in praise of Gomata.

Gomata Mantra
Sarvakaamdudhe devi sarvatithirbhishechini l
Pavane surbhi shreshte devi tubhyam namostute ll

गोमाता मंत्र
सर्वकामदुधे देवि सर्वतीर्थीभिषेचिनि ll
पावने सुरभि श्रेष्ठे देवि तुभ्यं नमोस्तुते ll

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