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Most Effective Ramdut Hanuman Mantra

Following is a very simple but very effective mantra of Ramdut Hanuman for fulfilling all kind of tasks. Like in my previous posts, this Hanuman Mantra too doesn't need Guru Diksha. Just like the Siddhi Vinayak Mahamantra this Mantra too has lots and lots of benefits. The Mantra is one of the most dearest of Mantras for me due to the immense healing benefits in spite of its simplicity. - Ashok Mehta

Fire and Faith Needed in Mantra Sadhana

For readers, I want to explain a theory. imagine someone staying next to your house or few blocks away dies. Let us consider the deceased person's mother. Imagine the kind of trauma she might be going through. when you offer her movie tickets or popcorn or a Rasgulla or something else, what do you think they will do? Even if you offer her a Chappan Bhog  Meal she will not take it, why? because the only thing in her mind right now is his deceased child. - Ashok Mehta

Charm to Remove Unwanted Guests

In this post, I have described a specific Indian Occult Charm, which works like a Uchchatan Yantra to remove an unwanted person, enemy or guest from the house or a jointly shared premises. This Indian Voodoo Charm, which is very simple to prepare and use and is a stand alone Voodoo Experiment to remove an unwelcome person, including and enemy from your life.

Experiences of Hanuman Bhakti

Today I will share a very important article on  my experiences in Mantra Sadhana and Hanuman Bhakti and how a Mantra is always underestimated by people especially by people who do not have a Guru. People who have had Gurus must have always abused him on his face or on his back at least once. this is because whenever you would go to a Guru with different problems he would give you only one Mantra. You would get irritated thinking what kind of a fool is he and why is he making me a fool as well.- Ashok Mehta

Mantra for Elixir of Eternal Youth

In this post, I am writing about a Yakshini called the Mahabhaya Yakshini, the special quality attributed to this Yakshini is that, she is said to bestow the Sadhak with boon of Eternal Youth. Many Hindu Tantric scriptures have spoken about this paranormal force or ability prevalent in nature, which is said to prevent aging and being forever youthful. This can also be considered to be a form of immortality.

Rudra Mantra for Fulfilling Wishes

Following is the Mantra Sadhana of the Mool Mantra of Lord Rudra. Many people who have done various Sadhanas in their lives or have been going through an unsuccessful phase in life in spite of putting in dedicated hard work for hours and hours, for such people, this Mantra Sadhana is optimal in giving the best results in overcoming bad times. –Ashok Mehta

Indian Home Remedy for Sagging Breasts

In this post, I have described a stand-alone experiment, which is said to make the breasts of women firm and stiff and reduce sagging breasts. This experiment has been selected by me from the selection of home remedies for the same purpose contained in the Kamaratna Tantra because of it’s simplicity and ease of practice and the use of commonly found ingredients.

Best Mantra for Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami also called called by a number of other names, including  Gokulashtami falls today on the 25th of August 2016. This most auspicious Hindu festival, which marks the manifestation of Vishnu  on earth as the Shri Krishna Avatar to annihilate evil is celebrated all over India and also by Hindus living  in other parts of the world in varying styles. Some devote Krishna Bhakts fast and chant Mantras, Stotras and Prarthanas dedicated to Shri Krishna others celebrate by engaging in festivities like devotional song and dance.

Simple Mantras for Gaining Great Powers

Following is the most simple one letter Mantra for gaining the great paranormal powers of Asht Siddhi and Khechari Siddhi. One must keep a Shri Yantra in front of him while chanting the Mantra given below and should use a Manas Siddhi rosary or Karya Siddhi Rudraksh Mala for success. The Mantra should be chanted 3 lac times for getting the desired success in mastering and each of the two Siddhis.  - Ashok Mehta

Protection Yantra for Stunt Performers

This is special Indian Yantra, which as per the Tantra acts like a protective talisman to safeguard the lives of stunt performers and those people whose livelihoods primarily revolve upon life threatening action or dangerous work. The Yantra is another variation of the famous and most powerful Pandra or Pandariya Yantra, prepared using a specific Tantra.

Sacred Mantra for Divya Siddhi

Following is another Mantra taken from the sacred Rama Rahasya Upanishad. The Mantra invokes Shri Rama in his Vishwaroop, meaning his Universal or Cosmic Form. The Mantra has been chanted by me only 11 times and its results are miraculous. This Shri Ram Mantra is undoubtedly a most powerful Mantra for success and for Divya Siddhi [achieving divinity]. – Ashok Mehta

Hanuman Kavach Mantra to Destroy Planetary Defects

In this post, I am writing about a most powerful and effective Hanuman Kavach Mantra Sadhana to destroy all kinds of Graha Dosha, meaning a specific Hanuman Mantra for removing all kinds of problems and difficulties  occurring due to the placements or transits of weak-evil-retrograde planets in the horoscope of an individual. This is one more of those Mantra Sadhanas, which  doesn't need Guru Diksha but one thing, I have to mention about this Hanuman Sadhana is that  it can only be done by men. – Ashok Mehta

Mantras to Become More Powerful than Gods

Hindu religious scriptures are replete with examples of some Rishi-Munis becoming so powerful that they became even more powerful than the Gods. These Rishi-Munis had through the most severe of penances unlocked the infinite inherent powers of nature and nature itself has bestowed upon them the Secret Mantras[ Keys] to unlock and harness these immense and unmeasurable powers to fulfill even the most impossible of tasks.

Meaning of Purascharana of Mantras

Purushcharan, the ultimate of any Mantra: Purush-Charan- means the Charan of the Purush. The difference between Mantra Siddhi and Purushcharan is like the difference between having a family car vs having a sports car. Family car can take you to the desired destination but not as quickly as a sports car. But again, sports car is also very risky. Same goes with Purushcharan. - Ashok Mehta

Five Rama Mantras for all Tasks

Following are few very very simple Five Rama Mantras for fulfilling every task in life, including tasks related to money, wealth and money. These Shri Ram Mantras too don't need any kind of Guru Diksha and hence are suitable not only for the Mantra Upasaks but also for the lay-persons. - Ashok Mehta

Powerful Self Defence Yantra

The Yantra described y me in this post is a self-defense talisman, which serves three different purposes at the same time. These uses can be broadly categorized as protection from harm or possession by malignant invisible paranormal entities and spirits and ghosts, protection from thieves, dacoits and bandits and to caste and Vashikaran Spell of enchantment over visible or invisible enemies.

Ram Hanuman Mantra for Amazing Prosperity

In this post, I am giving a Ram-Hanuman Mantra Sadhana for getting all kinds of success or amazing growth in employment and business. Like I have been mentioning in the last few posts, this Mantra too doesn't need Diksha [Initiation by a Siddh Guru] and can be chanted by both men and women to enhance their lives with immense wealth, prosperity and all kinds of happiness. - Ashok Mehta

Sanatana Dharma Shastra, Mantra and Dharma Gyaan

Japa Gyaan: 1. Before starting a Japa, a Brahmin should always do Shikha Bandhan or else all his Japa will go in vain. Now this rules applies to all Brahmin caste people irrespective of whether you are a Pandit or no. 2. According to the Brahmand Purana, Aasan should be spread. Aasan should not be torn or should not have holes, etc in it.

Indian Charm for Facilitating Estrangement

This is a Hindu Charm, which works in a manner that is similar to the working of a Yantra in casting a Voodoo Spell to facilitate the estrangement of two people. This working is similar to that of the special Yantras for this specific purpose, which are called as Manmutav Karne Ke or Badhane Ke Yantra, Upay or Totke.  This charm uses a very simple procedure, which is described in this post to break up the relationship, love affair or friendship between two persons.

Mantra to get Swapna Diksha and Karma Bodh

Following is a Mantra for getting knowledge about the future of a task or work someone is doing. This Mantra also helps in getting Swapna Mantra Diksha and Karma Bodh. The Mantra must be chanted in the Brahma Muhurat for 3 rosaries using a Rudraksh Rosary or Red Chandan Rosary facing the east.  The Mantra Japa should be done with a calm and serene mind. Use a Kush Aasan for getting optimum results. If your mind is constantly thinking about things and not at peace, the Mantra will not work. – Ashok Mehta

Lucky Yantra For Burying in Shop

The Yantra about, which information has been given in this post is a special Money and Business Attracting Yantra, which is especially prepared for burying under the seat or sitting place of the owner or the person who is primarily responsible for the management of the shop. The Yantra is said to beneficial in increasing the business of the shop by attracting money, business and customers.

Complete Mantra Sadhana Rules and Regulations

Most of the people begin a Mantra Sadhana but miss out many important necessary rituals before beginning the Sadhana. Today I will explain in a special article on to perform any Mantra Sadhana along which Aasan to use for which  Sadhana, which time is beneficial for which Sadhana, the kind of conduct one must follow during the Sadhanas, the kind of food one must not eat and many more such related things. - Ashok Mehta

Rare Mahveer Hanuman Chalisa

I want to share with you today a very very rare Chalisa of Hanuman. There are absolutely zero sources of finding this Chalisa anywhere on the internet. Nor is it mentioned in any books. The Chalisa that everyone recites is dedicated to the Ramdut form of Hanuman. While, this Chalisa is dedicated to Veer form of Hanuman. This Mahaveer Hanuman Chalisa is very effective for getting Divine Siddhis, getting rid of Graha Dosh and for getting fame and fortune in life. It can only be considered the grace of Hanuman that I've got access to such a rare Stotra. - Ashok Mehta

Totke for Making your Life Happy

Recently, I had written a detailed article describing some most relevant and practical Tone, Totke, Upay and Tantra for attracting the Goddess of Money and Plenty Laxmi Mata into your lives and the ways and means to make her happy and retain her presence in your home and life. In this post, I have shared some more relevant Totke to make your life happy and stress-free- Ashok Mehta

Mantra for Becoming Siddha Purusha

Most people, including Tantriks are unaware about the existence of certain mystical beings [can be termed as Goddesses] described in certain rare Hindu Tantrik Texts. In this post, I have written about a simple, straightforward, yet most difficult to accomplish Mantra Sadhana to become a Siddha Purush. The word in the context of this Mantra means a Master, Superman or Yogi for whom nothing is impossible, the one who does not need to strive for Siddhis, Siddhis automatically become attracted towards him and whatever he says becomes Satya Vachan .

Ram Mantra for Moksha Prapti

This is a Shri Mantra Prayog, which can be practiced by the sincere and devoted Ram Bkakts purely for getting rid of sins and for attaining Moksh or the Ultimate Liberation from the unending life cycle and merging the existence of the Soul into the most elusive Brahma Lok with the blessing of Shri Ram. – Ashok Mehta

Baglamukhi Mantra to Win Court Cases

In many previous posts, we have spoken about the most powerful Mantra Sadhanas of the Dasha-Mahavidyas Goddess Bagalamukhi.  The worship of Bagalamukhi as explained in earlier articles is one of the most powerful forms of worship to annihilate and subdue enemies, including the most powerful and resourceful ones. In this post is described a Tantrik Baglamukhi Mantra Prayoga to get success in court cases, litigations or any kind of legal matter, which involves the most dangerous, stubborn or powerful opponents or enemies.

Hanuman Chalisa Sadhana for Moksha

I am writing about a very powerful and tried and tested Sadhana for getting Moksha or Liberation. It uses the very powerful Hanuman Chalisa, those spiritually inclined people striving to attain Moksh should definitely do this Hanuman Chalisa Sadhana for attaining liberation from the unending cycle of life and death. - Ashok Mehta

Truth About Akashic Records and Readers

Akashic Records is a term, which denotes the sum total or compilation of the records of each and every event that occurs or has ever occurred in the life span of each and every living entity in the Cosmos.  The term Akashic Records probably originated from the studies of Theosophical thinkers who did extensive research on the composition of the Universal Energy or Cosmic-Consciousness and journey of the soul.

Shukra Vashikaran Mantra Sadhana

This is another Mantra Sadhana which doesn't need Guru Diksha or initiation by a Guru. This a very simple yet potent Shukra or Venus Mantra Vashikaran Experiment for attracting everyone around you. - Ashok Mehta Following is the simple step-by-step procedure of performing this Shukra Akarshan Mantra Sadhana:

Gayatri Mantra to Cure Diabetics

Described by me in this post is a Gayatri Mantra Remedy which is practiced by Gayatri Upasaks to cure and get relief from diabetics. This Gayatri Mantra Remedy is a slight variation of the most sacred and revered Gayatri Mantra along with the addition of another Hindu Healing Mantra and a simple healing Tantra. Diabetics is a most common yet potentially dangerous and life threatening disease which affects a sizable percentage of the world’s population. People suffering from any of the major types of diabetics can if they wish practice this Mantra Experiment along with their on-going medications.

Indian Charm to Prevent Shoplifting

In this post, I have described a most simple Indian Protection Charm to prevent and put an end to shoplifting or any other kinds of thefts, which are normally faced by shopkeepers. This charm, which vibrates to a specify numerological vibration can be broadly categorized as a special Yantra. This Yantra is free from the normal rituals, rules and prescriptions that have to be followed while preparing Yantras, which is why, I have termed it to be a charm.