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Rare Mahveer Hanuman Chalisa

I want to share with you today a very very rare Chalisa of Hanuman. There are absolutely zero sources of finding this Chalisa anywhere on the internet. Nor is it mentioned in any books. The Chalisa that everyone recites is dedicated to the Ramdut form of Hanuman. While, this Chalisa is dedicated to Veer form of Hanuman. This Mahaveer Hanuman Chalisa is very effective for getting Divine Siddhis, getting rid of Graha Dosh and for getting fame and fortune in life. It can only be considered the grace of Hanuman that I've got access to such a rare Stotra. - Ashok Mehta

The Mahaveer Hanuman Chalisa is given in this article in two parts longer one is the first part and the shorter one is the other half.

Following is the recitation procedure of the Mahaveer Hanuman Chalisa:

1. Sit facing the east direction. Keep a Mahaveer Hanuman idol in front of you, while chanting the Chalisa.
2. Light a few incense sticks.
3. Recite the Ram Raksha Stotra once.
4. Take a Sankalp for getting your desired wish fulfilled.
5. Recite this Chalisa 31 times for 108 days.
6. Keep a fast on every Tuesday.
7. Every Tuesday, make a single Bhakri of 1.25 kg or 3 Bhakri [fat version of chapati] equaling to 1.25 kg, pour 5 teaspoons of sesame oil in it and add a few stems of Tulsi over it and offer it as a Naivedya. Then later on, distribute the Naivedya among the family members.

Mahveer Hanuman Chalisa - Part One
Mahveer Hanuman Chalisa - 1

Mahveer Hanuman Chalisa - Part Two
Mahveer Hanuman Chalisa -2 

Whether someone believes it or not, but eating non-veg food is very strictly a sin in Hinduism. Because Sanatana Dharm itself means considering anything and everything as a form of God. And killing a form of God is the worst possible sin. Fishes represent Matsya Dev. Similarly, Pigs represent Varah Dev and so on. But still people eat them without thinking just because other religions allow the eating of animals as food. Sanatana Dharma never allowed the killing of animals for eating. The Garuda Purana itself states that humans who eat and cook animals are sent to Narak Lok and they are cooked in hot melting liquid iron by the Yamadutas. So do not eat non-veg food. Do not drink alcohol or cigarette, etc. Try to remain as chaste as possible in life.

This Hanuman Stotra is very very beneficial for getting Siddhi and for getting rid of all kinds of difficulties.

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  1. sir, 31 times for 108 days means per day 31 times or what? plz clarify, thnx in advance

  2. Saying just thankyou is very small for you,but its very greatful of you that you shared such a rare stotra with us.
    I do have some doubts,
    1-i chant ramdut hanuman chalisa everyday,so can i start chanting this version on regular basis instead of ramdut version one.

    2-can we use mahaveer hanuman photo instead of idol.

    3-on tuesday we have to fast and make a bhakri also,
    Can we also consume it as a prasad after offering to lord hanuman,i am asking this because we cant consume flour on fast days.

    4-if family members are reluctant or suspicious about eating the Bhakri prasad,can we offer it to poor people or animals,or consume the whole alone.

    Thank you

    1. 1. Upto you.
      2. You can
      3. You are correct. But the rule of flour,etc. Only applies to normal food and not prasad. Anything offered as naivedy can be eaten irrespective of the kind of fast.
      4. I don't really think anyone must get suspicious but if you cannot eat it then give it to a brahmin

  3. Namashkar sir women can do this Sadhanasiddi

    1. The person who provided me with chalisa didn't share any kind of rules or regulations. The procedure I have mentioned above is therefore a prayog and not a sadhana. I don't chant this chalisa so even I do know whether women cab recite. However, you can try reciting and if problems increase in life then stop reciting

    2. I don't think there should be any can try

    3. Ashik ji Namaskar. Kindly allow me to just mention the general rules for Hanuman sadhna for sister Sony.
      Sony Sharma ji, Namaskar!
      Unlike general notion that women cannot do Hanuman sadhna, Women can do Hanuman sadhna. Only if the period time comes in between, it must be stopped for 5 days. Cleanliness and 'brahmacharya' are compulsory in it. After the pause, the sadhna can be continued from where it was paused and there is no 'dosha' in it. Thank you.

    4. Ashok ji,
      Thank you so much for this rare stotra!!

  4. Dear Ashok Sir,
    Thank you so much for sharing with us such rare hanuman Chalisa.What i want to ask is if this is such a Mahaveera Hanuman chalisa,will regular chanting of it like the normal hanuman chalisa make one as courageous as hanuman?Because this is a Mahaveera hanuman chalisa.Also where can I find the Garuda Purana on the internet that forbids people from eating non-veg?Pls guide.

    1. You can simply search for it on the internet about the different types of hell of sanatan dharma

    2. Here is a link to a site where you can download many useful books

  5. Thanks a lot neel sir or ashok mehta, bahot bahot sukriya guruji, chalisha pdhi mene bahot powerful lag rahi h, i am devotee of hanuman, and i eat boiled eggs some days like sunday, Wednesday, or monday, is dino me eggs khata hu guruji kya me kha skta hu kisi din, kya boiled eggs khana manaa hai plz mujhe btaiye, me gym jata hu so eggs khata hu.

  6. Unable to find sesame oil in my city, can we use Kapasiya oil in bhakari? Plz answer guruji, charan sparsh jay siyaram

    1. If you use sesame oil it will help you get rid of poverty and attract wealth and prosperity. On the other hand, there is no significance of kapasiya oil.

  7. One more doubt, it is necessary to maintain bramacharya during 108 days? I am a student, I only do masterbuting,

  8. can u translate the chalissa plz..

  9. Hello sir , thank u for the post. Sir I have stopped eating nonveg recently aged in mid 20's due to spiritual reasons and chant mantras in late morning. Sir but My family and kid eat nonveg sometimes and I need to cook for them ( though I have quit eating to make my body pure) . sir will my sins decrease ? Sir Iam bound to do my home maker duty as my mothers and I laws side are non vegetarians by birth? Will my sins decrease?

    1. I don't think there should be any problem in cooking non-veg.

    2. Well it won't. Sanatana dharma says that if someone dear to us makes us do adharma then we still have the option to decide whether we can support in the adharma or no. Supporting someone else's adharma creates equal amounts of sin. Plus, it makes Lakshmi and in fact every god upset and you wont be able to live a prosperous life. What you or your family does ahead is upto them to decide

  10. Yes Sir, pls tanslate the chalisa since we wont be finding any translationon the internet.

    1. It really isn't possible as the chalisa is too big

  11. Ashokji,
    1) Can prayog started on any day or it is mandatory to start it on Tuesday & Saturday only
    2) can it be done in the morning between 5-6:30am
    3) in period of 108 days if i need to travel, can i do there.
    4) is kavach need to recited
    5) jwar or bajara bhakari

    Pls revert Ashokji

    1. 1. Start the sadhana only from tuesday or saturday of shukla paksha
      2. You can
      3. You cannot travel
      4. No need
      5. Bajri

    2. thank u ashokji
      1) travel is not allowed means, place & time are to be maintained strictly
      2) i hope, i can offer bhakri cooked by my wife as naivaidya.
      3) want to know if due to monthly constraints, wife can't cook, in that case naivaidya can be skipped or not
      4) can we eat fruits, milk products in fast

    3. 2] you can
      3] if wife can'tcook then you can also offer sweet Paan without the tobacco and few batasha

    4. I would suggest you learn how to cook, instead of skipping naivaidya. God will definitely be happy if you cook for himby your self, just like you when your wife cooks something which you like the most. More over this cooking bhakari is not that hard, just keep an eye on how's your wife cooks. I hope this helps.

  12. Dear Sir,
    Your post 'Hanuman chalisa sadhana for moksha' is the above mentioned Rare mahaveer hanuman chalisa the one that is used for getting moksh or Ramdut chalisa?

  13. Namaskar Pandit Ji,

    I am unable to read the Sankrit skript, is it possible for you to transliterate it into English. Will be most appreciated. Thank you.
    Chatoor J.

  14. Can we have english translation of this chalisa?

  15. hi i live in a hostel , i will not be able to cook anything, i there any other way

    1. Or offer sweet Paan without tobacco and batasha

  16. Ashok Sir,Neel Sir,

    Is it possible to post this powerful rare chalisa in Romain IAST or ITRANS or just post text words, not picture so that I can translate it and read this immense rare gem. I know its a lot for asking, but i really want to chant it and Please Sri Hanuman .Thanks

  17. Jai Shri Rama.

    Please find the transliteration. Pardon for any mistakes

    Bajarangi tumharo naam hai, pavan putra hanuman
    Kripa Kijiye naath ab, Das apuno jaan ||

    Anumap veer anjani nandan, Khal dal naashak dusht nikandan
    Pavanputra veer bajarangi, siya ram bhaktan kar sangi
    raghunayak pavan gun gaayak, shiv avatar jagat sukh Dayak
    tan vishaal par sindoor sohat, lal langot bhakt man mohat
    bhaal tilak sir mukut virajat, kanan kundal jagmag shobit

    kar vishaal aru pingal lochana, dashan kulish sam dukh vimochan
    hasta gada dhavala giri dharan, brahmasutra par subhag samvaran
    rambhakt tanu param vishaala, ur suchi siya samarpita mala
    bajra anga var-nidhi bal-sagar, ajar amar gun gyaan visharad
    bAl brahmachari baldhama, mahima vishwa vidit abhirama

    janmat lapki grasyo ravi jaayi, andhakaar chahu dishi jag chayi
    sur muni tab bahu vinti kinhyo, tab prabhi aap ugal ravi deenhyo
    jabahi dukhit sugrivahi janyo, ram milaye agam sukh manyo
    tuhi kapi sindhu langh gaye aise, choti si naali ho jaise
    sukshm roop taji jab tum garje, pralaya kaal janu badal garje

    sursa jeet sindhu bhaya para, musti prahaar laknahi maara
    jaay vibhishan darshan diyo, raghupati bhakta param hita kiyo
    seeta ki sudhi leenhi jaakar, aayasu maangi vipin phal khakar
    taruhi tori kiya yudha apaara, akshay kumar aadi samhara
    loom firaye chade gadh lanka, tanik nahi laye man shanka

    veeran maar raavan tadpayo, lah banakar lank jarayo
    chudamani seeta se leena, harsh sahit raghupati ko deena
    pahale vaidha phir sanjeevani laaye, lakhan jiyaye raam harshaye
    ahiravan prabhi ko har leena, ja paatal maar use deena
    ram lakhan nij kandh chadayo, sab sena ke hridya sukh chayo

    nij hiya maal tori bikhrayo, rom roma ramahi dikhlayo
    parath rath chadi vijay karayi, devan tab dundubhi bajayi
    bheem ka mad choor kiya pal mein, kaun jeet sake hai bal mein
    shri bajrang hanhu ari turanta, gada bajr se dhahu hanumanta
    shri bajrang charit jo dhyavat, ashta siddhi nav nidhi vah pavat

    shri hanumate namah jo japat, tahi koi vyadhi nahi vyaapat
    jay giridhar raghupati par kimkar, karan shaman sab rog bhayankar
    Namo namami dusht graha ganjan, anjani nandan sarv bhaya bhanjan
    jay balvant bhakt jan rakshak, bhoot pret danav-dal-takshak
    kAtahu bandhan alakh niranjan, ari bal khandahu khaldal ganjan

    puni puni vinavahu pad dhar sheesha, ek tumharahi aas kapisha
    karahi naath mam kast vimochan, sankat katahu sankat mochan
    jan dukh harahu raam pad payak, karahi kripa siya his sukh dayak
    uthahu vega hey kapiraja, chalahu karahi purana jan kaaja
    harahu vipati prabhu mujh anaath ki, jay bolun bajrang bali ki


    Yeh bajaran chalisa, Paath kare dhari dhyaan
    Ho Poorna sab kaamaana, badhe jagat mein maan

    1. Great Work, this should do for those readers who requested an English language version of the Chalisa.

    2. May I know the author of Maha Veer Hanuman Chalisa?

  18. Can we do this chalisa 108 times
    And also
    Without sankalp can it be done or sankalp should be taken stating wish


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