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Recently, I had written a detailed article describing some most relevant and practical Tone, Totke, Upay and Tantra for attracting the Goddess of Money and Plenty Laxmi Mata into your lives and the ways and means to make her happy and retain her presence in your home and life. In this post, I have shared some more relevant Totke to make your life happy and stress-free- Ashok Mehta

Tone-Totke meaning paranormal remedies are widely practiced not only in India, but by people following the Hindu Way of Life in many other counties of the world. I hope, readers of this site will find these Totke practical and relevant solutions for resolving their day to day problems.

The detailed article, to which these Totke are an addition can be seen here- Totke for Laxmi

1. One must avoid eating sour foods, spicy foods and one must eat dinner before sunset. If you cannot eat before sunset then also it's fine.

2. One must not eat poor quality foods as the poor quality foods will attract negative energies. Eating poor quality food not only is bad from spiritual point of view but it also causes lots of diseases.

3. Do not eat cooked rice after sunset. Things like Rice, Kesar, Chandan, etc attract immense amounts of Saubhagya and this is a tried and tested Upaay. The more Rice a person eats, the more poverty he will attract.

4. Worship the Paarad Shivling at home daily.

5. For getting the  ultimate benefits and if one can afford, make a Shivling out of pure gold and worship it daily. Lord Kubera himself worships a Golden Shivling.

6. Recite Ram mantras daily. If one recites Ram Naam daily 11 rosaries for 1 year. It is personal guarantee that you will get unthinkable success and fame in life and you will get special grace of Shri Rama


  1. Dear Sir,
    Could you also pls specify the correct Ram Mantras one should chant?

  2. Dear Ashok Sir,
    All of the things/totke you have mentioned above will indeed make one's life happy.But one's happiness is neve complete without the Birth of a good son with all the qualities such as Beauty,Intelligence,Physical strength and athleticism.etc.My request sir is Like your other important and rare sadhanas,could u pls come up with a mantra sadhana to get a divine son/son with all the good qualities?Or could you share some light on the mantra given to Kunti devi by sage Durvasa to get divine sons i.e the 5 Pandavas?
    Ashok Sir,pls tell us.You would know better.
    -Chetanya :D

  3. Hi,

    Is it possible for you to explain a bit about placing "Paarad Shivling" at home & proper way of worshiping the same? I searched the whole site but didn't get any info about this.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Please check 3 point. You have written Rice, Kesar and chandan brings immense Saubhagya and after that you have written eating will bring poverty. But Saubhagya means Good fortune and Poverty means Durbhagya. Please correct if i am wrong.

    Shall we recite only "RAM" "RAM" for one rosary?


    1. They bring immense saubhagya but eating after sunset is equal to them go from your life. And chant any ram mantra. You can chant ॐ रां रामाय नमः if you don't find any interesting mantra

  5. Regarding point no. 6,can ' On Ram Bhadraye Namah' be chanted for 11 rosaries daily ? ( I.e. 11X108 daily).
    Most important, can it be recited/chanted at 10 pm daily ?

    1. You can recite that mantra. Rama mantras should only be recited in afternoon or dusk or in brahma muhurat

  6. I would love to worship parad shivling at home but some people say married men cannot worship shivling. please guide me.

    1. Anyone can worship but if your brahmacharya is broken then do not touch the shivling on that day

  7. dear sir,

    - if one can afford, is possible to keep and worship both, Paarad and Gold ShivLing?

    - if one has to chant a Ram mantra, which one would you suggest?

    There are no enough words to aprreciate your work and gyaan.

    Thank you

    1. 1. No. Only keep one
      2. ॐ श्री राम जय राम जय जय राम

  8. Ashok ji Pranams,
    0n Shivlinga workship,
    1. Is it proper to workship or place a shivlingam inside home, as it is always said NOT to, pls clarify,
    2. What are the process and correct procedure to workship a Parad Shivlingam inside home,
    Pls give in details,
    Thanks n regards,

    1. 1. Only paarad shivling can be kept at home.
      2. Keeping other shivling is not possible because once a shivling is setup somewhere it cannot be moved or removed or else the results will be severely bad for that entire area. This doesn't apply to paarad shivling. It doesn't even need jal dhaara or dudh dhaaraa

    2. Just keep a good quality paarad shivling in your house in the north east corner of the house in such a way that when you are worshipping it, you are facing kailash

  9. Sir Ram Naam and Ram mantras are one and same thing?


    1. Sir if we only chant "Ram Ram Ram Shree Ram Ram Ram Ram, is it ok? As it is really beneficial and effective.


    2. Do not make a mantra on your own
      You can chant following:
      1. ॐ रां रामाय नमः
      ॐ रामभद्राय नमः
      ॐ रामचंद्राय नमः

      2. ॐ श्री राम जय राम जय राम जय जय राम- this is a hanuman krut mantra so it will give you grace of Hanuman also.
      3. Ram gayatri mantra for ultimate benefits.
      4. You can chant Rama sahasranaam.
      5. Or, you can chant the few mantras shared by me few days back

    3. Dear Sir,
      In some upper comment you have written Jai Ram once and above you have given Jai Ram twice. Which is correct?

    4. The first one is correct. I have made a typing mistake in the above comment

  10. Guruji i bought normal shivling (one month ago) and a small white kamdhenu cow.I worship them however some time there is a gap.i wanted to know following.
    1.can i keep kamdhenu cow at home? And is it ok if i am irregular?
    2.Now what to do with the shiv ling that i have bought as its not parad made?
    Please suggest

    1. Firstly I am not a guru. And what is the normal shivling made up of? Except for sphatik and paarad shivling no other shivling should be kept at home ashothers require continuous jal dhara and doodh dhara.
      You cannot do anything about the shivling because removing shivling from your house will be another grave insult of Shivji.
      Now you have to maintain it for whole life. I suggest you that you offer bel, honey, chandan daily after bath and then keep the shivling in a copper vessel full of pure water. The water should be in such a quantity so that the entire shivling gets immersed in it. You have to change the water twice a day. add 1 or 2 teaspoons of gangajal in the new freshwater before immersing the shivling in that water. Shivling has to be kept in exact same place everyday.

      Or else, take the shivling and keep it in a river in such a place wherever no one will be able to accidentally kick it or touch it. Now it is obvious to understand that the river has to be a clean one. Either of the ways you'll have to bear grave consequences of inability to maintain a shivling the way it should be.


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