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Complete Mantra Sadhana Rules and Regulations

Most of the people begin a Mantra Sadhana but miss out many important necessary rituals before beginning the Sadhana. Today I will explain in a special article on to perform any Mantra Sadhana along which Aasan to use for which  Sadhana, which time is beneficial for which Sadhana, the kind of conduct one must follow during the Sadhanas, the kind of food one must not eat and many more such related things. - Ashok Mehta

Any Sadhana has the following necessary parts in order:
1. Isht Aasan puja.
2. Sitting on Aasan in Kamlaa Yoga Aasan.
3. Bhut Shuddhi.
4. Sankalp
5. Guru Puja
6. Ganesh Puja
7. Shiv Puja. Bhairav Puja in case of Shakti worship & Vishnu worship in case of Kamdev or Mohini or Narsingh Sadhana.  For Mahalakshmi Sadhanas, both these gods and Kuber has to be worshipped.
8. Other God worship- here, the God can be any God worshipped by the Isht Dev. For example Rama worship in Hanuman Sadhanas, Vishnu worship in Shiv Sadhanas, etc.
9.  Kalakh
10. Nyasa
11. Digbandhan or Dasha Disha Bandhan
12. Panchopchar or Shodashopchar Puja of the Isht Dev.
13. Viniyog, Dhyaan and Shloka.
14. Mantra Paath
15. Aarti
16. Mantra Pushpanjali
17. Kshama Praarthana
18. Dashansh Havan
19. Dashansh part Tarpan from the Havan
20. Dashansh Maarjan from the Tarpan
21. Dashansh Brahman Bhojan.
22. Dakshina.

The above things will be explained by me in the next part. For now, I will share Mantra Sadhana Gyaan about things like the Sadhana direction, Japa Mala, Aasan Prayog, etc.

Aasan Gyaan:
1. For wish fulfillment- Woolen cloth Aasan especially red colored Aasan
2. For attracting wealth- Silk Aasan
3. For getting rid of diseases- Kush Aasan
4. For Sammohan- Krushna Mruga Skin Aasan
5. For destroying enemies- Tiger Skin Aasan
6.For success in life- Deer Skin Aasan
7. For getting Land and immovable property- Lion Skin Aasan
8. For getting a child- Kush Aasan
10. For prosperity- Mani Masan
11. For getting husband/wife- Urnaa Aasan
12. For luck- Silk Aasan

Direction Gyaan-
1. Lama or wealth Sadhanas- West direction
2. For Pitru, Shraadh Sadhana and Das Mahavidya Sadhanas (except Kamala Mahavidya) - South
3. Saraswati Sadhanas, Shanti Karma Sadhanas, Tapa- North
4. Godly Sadhanas like Pran Prathishtha, Getting Siddhis, and Spiritual Upliftment- East.

Tilak Gyaan:
1. For Vishnu Pujas- Peet Chandan
2. For Ganapati puja- Haridra Chandan
3. For Pitru karya- Rakt Chandan
4. For Shiva- Bhasma
5. For Rishi Puja- White Chandan
6. For Human Puja- Kesar, Chandan
7. For Lakshmi Puja- Kesar
8. For Tantrik Pujas- Sindur
Remember, Kumkum is very strictly prohibited in the worship of Shiva or of any of his Avatars.

Mala Gyaan:
 According to Kali Tantra, Shankh Mala gives 100 times more benefits as compared to Kar Mala (Japa done with fingers), Pravaal gives 1000 times more benefits, Crystal rosary give 10000 times more benefits, Kamalghatta mala gives 10 lac times more benefits and Kush Mala gives 100 crore times more benefits and a Rudraksh rosary gives 1000s of crore times more benefits than any Mala.
A Mala made from the bones of human fingers can fulfill all kinds of wishes. This type of mala is used in Karna Pisachini Sadhanas.
For wealth benefits, A Coral rosary is said to be ultimate.

Flower Gyaan: Impure, stale, flowers eaten by insects, Flowers that have fallen on ground, Flowers taken from someone else or stolen flowers are forbidden. But Bilva Patra, Paan and Tulsi leaves and flowers even if broken or torn, can be offered.

1. One cannot break flowers after 12 pm.
2. Ketki or Kund flower on Shiva, Dhatura on Vishnu, Aak on Shakti and Tagar flower on Surya Dev; these things cannot be offered even by mistake.
3. The best flower for Lakshmi Maa is Lotus.
4. Flower should always be offered straight, facing the god and not upside down or reverse.
5. For Vishnu one must worship him every Wednesday with Champa flower without fail. Those who haven't worshipped Vishnu even once with Champa flowers in their whole life their birth itself is waste; according to our Tantras.

Japa procedure Gyaan:
1. Mantra Japa done without counting goes in vain. Then, it doesn't matter if your guru says or anyone says to chant 1 hour or 2 hour and so on. Japa very strictly cannot and should not be done without counting,
2. If Japa is being done in morning, the Mala must be kept near the belly. In afternoon, Heart and in the evening near the neck.
1. During Japa, one must avoid causing noise or collision of beads with each other as this will cause 1000s of diseases to the Sadhak.
2. Under no circumstances should a rosary break. If a rosary breaks, it will unbelievable amount of poverty, diseases, defamation, dangers,etc to the Sadhak. Also, breaking of Mala is equal to killing a Brahmin &  brings Brahma-Hatya Dosh. And one will have to  go to Narak Lok after death.

If Japa is done at home it gives normal benefits. If Japa is done in Cow shed, 1 chant will give benefit equal to 100 chants. Tirth will give 1000 times more benefits. Mountain will give 10000 times more benefits, River will give 1 lac times more benefits. Devaalay will give 1 crore times more benefits and Shivalay will give 1000s of crores times more benefits.

In the next part I will send a few more recommendations about Sadhanas. And in the 3rd part or 4th part I will send procedure to do any kind of Sadhana. All the things I am going to mention in these 2-3 articles are the basics of all kinds of god/goddess Sadhanas and the default rules that one must follow.

Neel N is the founder of He tells you in English and Hindi about Spells, Vashikaran, Yakshinis and all Hindu and Islamic Mantras and Yantras. The Prophecies, Revolutions of India and the coming World Wars of the Bible, Kalki Avatar and Nostradamus. The Mantra and Remedies for Healthy Living and Exploring the Unknown Universe.


  1. tnks..for posting such an article as many people like me dont know the basic procedures. i expect many more such articles like on topics such as ENERGISING A YANTRA,ENERGISING MALA, DOING HAVAN.Etc...

  2. That's greats....
    Thanx thanx thanx for sharing like above the post.
    Thanx again Neel n Ashok sir from bottom of my heart

  3. Step by step guide. This is what exactly i was looking for since long. Thank you so much.

  4. Thanks sir for such lucid & informative article.
    It will be very helpful for newbies as well as all kind of sadhaks.

  5. Thanks a lot Ashok Sir.What I have heard isthat in Hinduism,there are infinite mantras for all the Gods.I have even heard that one can make one's own mantra provided he uses the right worlds and syllables.Am I correct? pls guide.

    1. For that one needs to learn mantra tantra shastra. Secondly mantras are only taken from Shiva in Hinduism

    2. yes sir.what you say is true.

  6. thank you so much Ashokji and Neel sir. One big question: I use the "same" rudraksha mala for all of my mantra chanting like for hanumaji, ganesh bagwan, laxmi and other gods. Is that fine or should we use a new mala for each god and also new mala for every new jap. If need a new one every time then is there a way to cleanse the used one for a new jap so we don't have to buy many malas.

    1. Keep one mala for 1 god. Chanting multiple God's mantras will not give you fruits

  7. Dear Sir, Do u mean- one mala for 1 god or Mantra Jap for only 1 god? As you mentioned- Chanting multipld Mantrs will not give you fruits.
    Best regards

    1. use one mala for 1 god. Then, you can chant any mantra of that god on the mala

  8. I m in short of words how to thank you....

  9. thnx so much this kind of such information..

  10. Thank you Sir, for such an amazing compilation. Your knowledge and guidance is indeed very useful. May I suggest that you assist in a compilation of the usage of various articles? Like the Kaudi, shankh, kumkum, hathjodi, etc. Please point me to the page on your site if its already there. These items if placd in a section can help us to perform totkas and upayas accordingly. Thank you.

  11. Very nice article .I Suggest Neel Sir to create a tab " Sadhana basics" on Homepage of the site for all readers to REFER .

    Ashok Sir , some general queries :
    1.Which Day is to be considered for Vishnu Worship ?
    Thursday or Wednesday ?

    2. For Silk Aasan ,is there any ideal length or thickness required . the cloth we get in shops , the layers are very thinso does one layer become sufficient . If another asan like woolen or kusha is placedbelow silk , then is it ok and effects of only silk will be considered or of kush as well ?

    3. For Mahavidyas south direction is mentioned .
    Does facing south add tamasik effects to a sadhana , like Shodashi and Bhuwneshwari are not tamasik by nature .

    4. For Vishnu Sadhana , which mala are suitable and which one is best among them ?


    1. 1. Wednesday
      2. You can use multiple aasan of one type but do not use different aasan
      3. I dont know about this
      4. Tulsi mala

  12. Very important Sir, blessed to have the details,

  13. Respected Ashok ji, in Location part above,I have started following ritual on every Tuesday for the last few weeks

    'Offering few Red flowers to the established idol of Lord Hanuman in a mandir on every Tuesday. Then sitting before lord, I recite Hanuman Chalisa once and then pray to Lord to bring me out of my present legal tangles...'

    Sir , in the aforementioned circumstances, AM I Getting the benefits in SAME MULTIPLE TIMES as you have mentioned for devalaya.

    Sir, sincerely speaking, I need your esteemed opinion in the matter.

  14. respected ashokji as u have mentined above under heading JAPA PROCEDURE GYAN that without counting if anybody doing mantra then it goes in vain, means no fruit or benefit of japa.
    but u mentioned in your past two articles first one is HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA MANTRA CHANT a vilakshan prayog and second article RAM MANTRAs FOR MOKSHA PRAPTI ( 10 lakh chant each of all 3 mantras given threin)that one should chat these mantras as long as possible day and per above post we should use counter for chanting those mantras or how we will abide your instruction of chanting all the time.
    we r out from home from 9 AM to 9PM so we can not sit and chat by mala.
    kindly guide how to complete 30 lakh mantra for mpksha prapti as well as how to chant maha mantra day and night. mansik jap or through counter in fingers.
    plz guide sir. like this there are many mantras which come across for chanting then for them also either we have to sit and do by mala or use counter if we are out of home.

    1. You can use kar mala in such a case.People who chant mantra day and night always have the japa vah with themselves in their neck. And if you want to attain moksha, it will never be achieved by living a worldly life.

    2. Dear Ashok Sir,

      please advise me for procedure and material require for Dashansh havan

  15. What to do if we count wrong or count misses in middle of our Sadhana if we do without any japa mala...what effect it will have on to overcome it... please guruji reply for this

  16. what material and procedure for dashansh havan

  17. Ji when we do the japa of a god in sadhana and nitya puja do our eyes have to be closed in dhyaana the whole time?
    Is bhakti towards a god necessary in sadhana especially in bhut and pret sadhanas?


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