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Hanuman Sarva Vyadhi Haran Bisa Yantra

In this post, I have described the method of making, energizing and using the Hanuman Sarva Vyadhi or Badha Haran Bisa Yantra or a Bisa Yantra to Remove All Problems or Obstacles. This Hanuman Yantra is said to dissolve all problems, including those related to health problems, paranormal and ghostly issues, job, employment, legal and enemy troubles.

Mantra to Make Domestic Life Happy

In this post, I have written about a very useful Mantra-Tantra Experiment for making your domestic life happy, peaceful and strife-free. The Mantra is beneficial for those person who are facing psychological and emotional stress due to an unfavorable domestic or marital environment or even for those people who are facing no problems, but wish to make their family life contended and better.

As per Nostradamus will Narendra Modi Retain Power in 2019

After a long time, I have once again gone through the prophecies and predictions of Nostradamus to uncover anything related to the current changing political period underway in India. The word “changing” in the context of this post means a period of well-intentioned changes like demonetization, Jan Dhan Yogna, banking and economic reforms, steps to curb corruption and black money.

Batuk Bhairav Mantra Sadhana

In this post, I have written about a simple and straightforward tested Mantra Sadhana to appease Batuk Bhairav and gain all sorts of Mantra Siddhis. This Mantra Sadhana,  like most Sadhanas of Lord Bhairava is most powerful and effective, even though it might appear to be simple and straightforward. I have knowledge that some Siddha Sadhaks have succeeded in this Mantra Sadhana of Batuk Bhairav.

Vashikaran Yantra to Attract Unmarried Girls

This special Vashikaran Yantra, which originates from the Muslim religion is used to cast Voodoo Spells on unmarried women. In the Hindi language, the Yantra is called as the Avivahit Aurat Ya Ladki Ko Vash Me Laneka Yantra, it is practiced along with a simple 2 word Mantra to cast the Occult Love Spell on the selected unmarried girl.

Mantra to Energize Image of Saraswati Devi

In this post, I have described a simple Tantric method of energizing and breathing life into an image or photograph of the Goddess of Divine Knowledge and Learning Saraswati Devi with a Tantric Beej Mantra in order to enhance all round mental capacity and mind power.

Mantra to Prevent Itching and Scratching Yourself

In this post, I have written about 2 simple to put into practice Hindu Pain Relief and Healing Mantra Chants, which are said to put an end or remove the overpowering urge to scratch yourself, especially at night or whenever idle.

Mantra to Fulfill any Wish or Task at Will

Today a Mantra is given through which you will be able to quickly fulfill your wish and get your task done at will. This is also an Islamic Mantra, please remember that the great Sai Baba of Shirdi who never called himself a god but a Bhakt of god considered Ram and Rahim as one and the same.  He says Allah Malik to Hindus and Ramji Bhala Karenge to Muslims so all Dharms are equal and all are humans created by Shakti , so in my eyes,  I do not differentiate between any religion and Mantras of any religion. - Post By Guru Swami

Vashikaran By Body Contact Mantra

This is a Vashikaran Mantra to entice a desired person under of Voodoo Spell of Attraction by coming into actual body or physical contact with that particular person. In the Hindi language this Mantra is called as the Sharirik Sparsh Se Vashikaran Karne Ka Mantra.

Mantra to Make Hazrat Solve your Problems

This is a Hazrat  Mantra through which you can get any work done with the help of a Peer and get a solution to any problem or obstacle, which is bothering you. The meaning of Hajarat or Hazrat can be in the context of this article taken to be as a “Divine Presence” - Post By Guru Swami

Mantra to Make Enemy Shield Ineffective

This a Shabar Mantra from the middle ages, which has been attributed with the special paranormal powers of immobilizing, weakening or breaking the shield of an enemy soldier and rendering it useless in battle. In the Hindi language this particular Mantra is called as the Dhaal Stambhan or Shatru Ki Dhaal Rokne Ka Mantra.

Mantra to Find Source of Income

In this post, I have described a very unique and interesting Shabar Tantra to find livelihood and a source of income. This Tantra, which involves a Shabar Mantra, is practiced by feeding a special kind of food-stuff to ants and get the blessings of God to find a job , employment, or a income source for the maintenance and nourishment of the practitioner and his family and dependents.

Mantra for making Peers and Fakirs Fulfill your Wishes

In this post, I have described a Mantra Sadhana to get Darshan[Vision or sighting] of  Pirs and Fafirs and request them to sort out your problems and difficulties and get your tasks and work done by them. The Mantra Sadhana can also be useful for getting your dreams, wishes and desires fulfilled. - Post By Guru Swami

Mantra to Fly for 12 Kilometers at a Time

In this post, I have written about a Mantra, which is said to make a person fly for 12 Kilometers in the air at a stretch.  The Mantra has been attributed with the specific qualities of a being an Akash Gaman Mantra or Mantra to make a person fly in the sky.

Daily Upasana Mantra and Knowledge Charm of Saraswati

In this post, I have written about a most simple yet effective everyday Mantra Upasana of Saraswati Devi, which will enhance the mental abilities of the practitioner and enrich his abilities to grasp and retain knowledge and gain new knowledge, including higher spiritual knowledge. Along with this, I have also described the making of a simple knowledge enhancing charm using the same Mantra.

Lakshmi Mantra for the Full Family on Diwali

The festive season of Diwali is here and along with the usual fun and festivities most families pray for prosperity and abundance and the betterment of their lives on this most auspicious occasion. In this post, I have given a most potent and powerful Lakshmi Mantra Chant, which can collectively be chanted by the entire family on this auspicious occasion.

Nagakesar Swastik Yantra for Wealth

In this post, I have described a unique Indian paranormal remedy to get money and wealth by preparing and worshiping the Nagakesar Swastik Yantra. This Yantra not only gets you the blessings of both Ganesha and Laxmi, but it can be most effectively be used in the Tratak Form of Meditation to Meditate upon higher level of the Sub-Conscious Mind.

Recommended Beneficial Mantras for Diwali

As the festival of Diwali is coming shortly, I have given a list of 6 Shabar Wealth and Money for the benefits of Sadhaks who regularly visit this site. All the Mantra are not only famous and popular, but also most effective and beneficial for starting any money and wealth accumulation Mantra Sadhana on the auspicious days of Diwali- Post By Guru Swami

Shubh Muhurat and Sloka for Laxmi Pujan 2017

Laxmi Puja is celebrated on an Amavasya. On this day, Mahalaxmi, Mahakali, Mahasaraswati, Venkatesh and Kuber are some of the most worshiped deities. Special Puja is performed on Laxmi Pujan to seek the blessings of Laxmi so that the ‘Nivas’ of Ashta-Laxmi remains in your residence, shop, office or business premises.

Mantra to Infect Enemy with Fever

In this post, I have written about a frightening Mantra Experiment to make an enemy sick by infusing fever into his body. This fearsome Revenge Voodoo Spell is called as the Dushman Ko Bimar Karne Ka Mantra Prayog. The method of practicing the Mantra Experiment is described below.

Mantra for Everlasting Blessings of Padmavati Devi

I liked the wordings and composition of this Mantra, which is chanted to invoke the blessings of the Goddess Padmavati. The meaning of this Mantra in simple words is - “Goddess Padmavati bless me with a radiant personality, money and wealth, food and food grains, all kind of jewels”

Vashikaran Mantra for Women to Attract Men

In this post, I have written about two Vashikaran Mantras for the benefit of those women who wish to appear appealing, alluring and seductive towards men and attract them and cast a powerful Voodoo love spell over them.

Reason Behind Parikrama Ritual in Temple

Taking Parikrama or Pradakshina in a temple is a most common religious ritual in India. It means, walking in the Dakshin or right direction [along with the flow of energy]  and circling the Inner Sanctum where the Murti of the Presiding God or Goddess of the temple is installed.

Healing Charm for Relief from Swollen Neck

The Indian Healing Charm described by me in this post is a special Yantra to get relief from any disease or ailment related to the neck and the related glands, including the thyroid gland. The Yantra is also useful in getting relief from a painful swollen neck.

Very Effective Shabar Vashikaran Yantra

In this post, I have described a full Shabar Vashikaran Yantra Experiment, which is said to cast a Voodoo Attraction Spell that is so strong that it makes the target person behave like a most obedient slave who is always eager to please his or her master.

Magical Talisman to Remove Poverty

In this post, I have described a simple and uncomplicated method of preparing a Tantric Daridrya Nivaran or Dhan-Paisa Akarshan Potli, which means a Magical Bundle or Talisman that is said to have the paranormal power of removing poverty and attracting sufficient money so as to make the life of the household comfortable and tension free.

Vashikaran By Ring Mantra

This is the Anguthi Dwara Vashikaran Mantra or the Vashikaran Mantra, which makes the use of a ring as an infusion object to cast a Love Attraction Spell on a targeted person. The easy method of using this Vashikaran Upay on a desired lover has been given below- Post By Guru Swami

Nath Panthiya Aakarshan Mantra

In this post, I have written about another Nath Panthiya Aakarshan Mantra to make your personality more pleasing, attractive and magnetic to others. This is a Satvik Mantra Experiment that will work only for rightful purposes and not for enticing and controlling other men and woman against their will for nefarious purposes.

Vashikaran Doot Mantra to Attract Lover

The Vashikaran Mantra is call as the Vashikaran Doot Mantra because it involves invoking a Shaitan as your Doot or messenger or intermediately for putting the Vashikaran Spell on the wanted lover on your behalf. The Vashikaran Mantra can be used to attract any person for love, friendship or marriage . - Post By Guru Swami

Evil Eye Removal By Tilak Mantra

In this post, I have described the easy method of using a Protective Mantra that is chanted to infuse a Tilak, which is said to remove or repulse the Evil-Eye.  This is a Sddhi Mantra Experiment because the Mantra does not have to be Mastered in order to utilize its power to exorcise or repulse  Nazar Dosh from any person.

Easy Hanuman Mohini Mantra

This is a very easy to use Hanuman Akarshan Mantra Experiment through which you can get your desired lover, husband, wife or for that matter any other person under your Vashikaran Spell. - Post By Guru Swami The Siddhi Sadhana to Siddh this Mohan Mantra is given below.

Upay for Removing Fear in Sleeping Child

In the post, I have written about a simple home remedy or Gharelu Upay, which is practiced by many Indian housewives for removing fear in a sleeping child, who gets ups all of a sudden and starts crying uncontrollably.  The simple procedure of practicing this Gharelu Nuska is given below.

Islamic Mantra to Discover Hidden Treasure

Today,  I will share a Mantra which can be traced to Islamic origins, which is used to find hidden wealth. This Islamic Mantra uses a special Tantra in which some voice or person will give you the details of the place where the treasure is located and the permission to find and keep the treasure. - Post By Guru Swami

Chandra Naivedya Tantra for Prosperity

In this post, I have explained the procedure of performing the Chandra Naivedya Tantra for getting prosperity, peace of mind and success in business or employment. This Sadhana is especially beneficial for people working for the government of a country or a state or province of a country.

Hanumanji Darshan and Kripa Prapti Mantra

This is a most devotional Mantra Sadhana to get Darshan and Kripa Prapti of Hanuman Ji. This Mantra has been given by me for the benefit of true and faithful devotees of Lord Hanuman so that they can get the lifelong benefits of the blessings of Hanuman – Post By Guru Swami