Mantra to Fly for 12 Kilometers at a Time

In this post, I have written about a Mantra, which is said to make a person fly for 12 Kilometers in the air at a stretch.  The Mantra has been attributed with the specific qualities of a being an Akash Gaman Mantra or Mantra to make a person fly in the sky.

There are no specified rituals of Tantras of any kind prescribed in order to make the Mantra work. However, as this is a Mantra for possessing most powerful magical and superhuman qualities, it is a Mantra, which, in my opinion,  can be successfully put to work only by Sddha Yogis and Sadhus of the highest order.

There are some credible reports of some Yogis or Sadhaks who have mastered such impossible sounding Siddhis. Some people have also claimed to have sighted a Sadhu flying in the air.

However, fools and idiots should stay away from these extreme Mantra Sadhanas as they might end up hurting or killing themselves or ending up as lunatics.

ॐ नमो आगास गमणांगं झ्रौं झ्रौं स्वाहा ||
Om Namo Aagaas Gamanaamgam Jhrauṁ Jhroum Swaha ||

From what I discovered, the practitioner has to observe strict celebacy, hygiene and austerity and chant the Mantra given above for 108 Mantra Chants, using a Rudraksha Japa Mala.

He has to control his senses and fully control greed, anger, selfishness and other negative feelings and emotions and consume only Salt-less Kanji, which is a watery dish of boiled rice and water.

The procedure described above has to be strictly observed for 21 days for mastering the Mantra and fly for 1 Yogan in the sky.

An Yogan is an ancient Indian measure of distance and 1 Yogan is generally believed to be about 12 to 16 Kilometers.

Note- There are usually some or the other secret rituals or “keys” involved in such supernatural Mantra Sadhanas, which are always kept secret and handed over by a Guru to a Shishya and so on. 


  1. Hello Sir,
    This mantra is dedicated to which god?is it hanuman or anybody else?

    1. it is Buddhinam mantra because Jhraum used .

  2. All I have is a Japa mala. Will I displease Hanuman in not using the prescribed Rudraksha mala?

  3. Dear Sir,
    Can you suggest any guru that can guide us in such tantra sadhana

  4. Sir can you do a blog on how to get lahima siddhi in easy meathod

  5. Is they any kamdev mantra that works instantly, by just 5times chant, or less


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