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TantricTrick Blood Oozing out from Lime

Many people would have stared in amazement at the sight of a Tantric or Voodoo Spell Caster chant a Mantra or a Spell and then cut a lime and see blood oozing out from the lime. This is a most simple magic trick, which even a layperson can successfully perform. This basic magic trick is very often practiced by Tantrics to fool and cheat people into believing that they possess magical  occult powers . In this post, I have explained how anyone can perform this  basic magic trick.

Vibhrama Yakshini Mantra Sadhana- 2

The Vibhrama Yakshini as already mentioned in post written a couple of months back is mentioned in the Tantra as the Yakshini who is full of sexual passion and feeling meaning Rasika in Hindi and amorous in English. The previous experiment to invoke the Vibhrama Yakshini was somewhat difficult, hence I am writing about another experiment, which is simpler than the earlier Sadhana.

Yantra for Chance to Travel Abroad

This Yantra is believed to enhance the chance of a person who wishes to travel to or settle down in a foreign country.  Those persons who are trying to travel or settle abroad can try this special Yantra. There are some rules prescribed in the Tantra for performing this Yantra Prayoga, which, I have described below in this post.

Yantra Tantra for Successful Partnerships

The Yantra – Tantra shown in this post is said to ensure that any business or commercial partnership or tie up is a success and does not run into trouble, roadblocks and disagreements leading to legal disputes amongst the partners. The Yantra is also said to make the partnership a financial success and make the business grow as per expectations of all the partners. This Yantra is used in a simple yet strange kind of Tantra , which has been described below.

Mantra for Curing Nail Diseases

Traditional Hindu Mantra Shastra differentiates the human nails from the skin and attributes certain specific diseases and disorders to malfunctions in the nails. The most common and widespread disorders relate to yeast, fungal and bacterial infections, which if not treated at an early stage could prove to be complicated. The Mantra given in this post is a rare Hindu Health Mantra specifically chanted to get relief from and to cure Nail related diseases and disorders of the Nails of the hand and feet, including improper growth of the Nails.

Yantra for Trouble Free Old Age

This Yantra, which I have written about in this post, is believed to ensure a Peaceful and Trouble Free Old Age. It is natural for a lot of people to be insecure and uncertain about what is going to occur in their old age, whether they are going to face health or money problems or both.  This Yantra can be useful in removing the insecurity of these insecure people and at the same time ensure a happy old age.

Reason Behind Practice of Ganpati Visarjan

Ganpati Visarjan on the day of Anant Chaturdashi marks the conclusion of the annual Ganesha Chaturthi festival in India. On the day of Anant Chaturdashi, most of the Ganesh Murtis are immersed in a water body. There are various reasons given for the reasoning behind the practice of immersion of Ganesha Idols in water, some of them are most relevant. In this post, I have described a Vedic Verse from the Rig-Veda, which probably gives the most relevant reason behind the practice Ganesh Visarjan.

Ram Mantras for Love and Marriage

The Ramcharitmanas comprises of numerous Mantras, for almost each and every purpose in life. This site has over the past many years published a selection of Mantras from this Divine Composition. In this post, I am writing about three different Mantras form the purpose of love, attraction and marriage. The Mantra Sadhana described in this post is different from that of the earlier Ramcharitmanas Mantra given earlier.

Mantra to Energize Kali Haldi

Kali Haldi, काली हल्दी or Black Turmeric in the English Language, is hard to come by; it is a rare Tantric item. The Market is flooded with fakes and hence useless for any kind of Tantra, which makes the use of Kali Haldi.  If luck enough to possess genuine Kali Haldi then there is a simple yet specific method making full use of its inherent paranormal properties for gaining all round success in most areas of your day-to- day life. Some of the important benefits were mentioned in an article published some years back, that article can be seen – Here .

Navnath Mantras to Remove Bhanamati

Bhanamati is a term, which is commonly used in some Indian states like Maharashtra and the Southern States to describe alleged paranormal phenomena, Voodoo and magical activity. The most common cases of alleged Bhanamati involve thing appearing and disappearing magically, stones, bones, dirt and other items falling down from the skies upon a house or a person behaving in a completely irrational and illogical manner, which leads others to believe that he has been possessed by unknown mystic entities.

Simple Santan Prapti Mantra

To make things uncomplicated and easy those striving for progeny and having little time to perform lengthy Puja-Archana or Tantra-Mantra Prayog, here is a most simple Putra Prapti Mantra, which does not need any kind of worship or time consuming rituals. The Mantra according to the Tantra works for those striving for progeny and also for those pregnant women who are hoping for a healthy and beautiful child.

Yantra Tantra For Becoming An Actor

Many young girls and boys dream of becoming film or stage actors, especially in India where movie stars are idolized like Demi Gods, make a lot of money and have a lavish lifestyle. There is said to be a Tantra, which is said to fulfill the hopes and aspiration of these aspiring actors. Even though, I have personally not witnessed anyone who has successfully practiced this Tantra to turn his dreams into reality, I am still writing about this Tantra Yantra Experiment in this post.

Shri Govind Mantra to Remove Fear

Govind or Govinda is another one of the many names of Shri Krishna.  The meaning of Govind in the deeper sense should be taken to be as the one who is the protector of the good and the righteous. Thus, this simple yet beautiful protection Mantra dedicated to Shri Krishna , as the protector is most suitable for the layperson, who is fearful of a lot of unknown events, which he feels are likely to occur sometime or the other in the future.

Paranormal Remedies for Differences with Parents

In this post, I have written about two interesting Hindu paranormal remedies to resolve any kind of differences with parents, including differences of opinion over love affairs, marriage, business or money and ancestral property . Both the Totke, do not need any other Puja-Vidhi or Mantra-Tantra, other than what is mentioned by me in this post. The remedies are simple and easy to perform and suitable for laypersons and Non-Indians.

Kalika Siddhi Mantra

This is a Kalika Siddhi Mantra, Kalika is another name for the terrifying manifestation of the Mother Goddess; Kali Mata.  This is a Shabar Mantra; hence, the wordings are simple and easy to pronounce for anyone who has some knowledge of the Hindi language. The Shabar Mantra is said to fulfill the desires, hopes, aspirations and wishes of the Sadhaka with the blessings of Kali Mata . The Mantra also gives the Sadhaka divine protection from all dangers and hence, it also a most powerful Raksha Mantra.

Mantras for Magnetic Attraction Powers

There are three Mantras given in this post, all of them serve the same purpose of increasing the Akarshan Shakti or Attraction Power of the practitioner. All the three Mantras are general purpose Mantras, which are as per the Tantra said to make the personality of the practitioner hypnotic and magnetic and make other become people become attracted towards him like how iron is attracted towards a magnet.

Essentials of Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhana

The Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhana is arguably one of the most powerful of the numerous Hindu Mantra Sadhanas to destroy evil, howsoever powerful and fearsome.  Baglamukhi is part of the Dus Mahavidya or the 10 Ever-Existent faces or forms of the Universal Mother.  Baglamukhi is one who puts an end to evil, including enemies and hence Baglamukhi Worship has great importance in Hindu Tantra Shastra.  In this post, I have given a set of essential points to be taken into consideration while performing the Baglamukhi Mantra Sadhana.

Jain Mantra for Enemy Related Crises

This Jain Shatru Apatti Nivaran Mantra is said to be beneficial in resolving any kind of fear, mental tensions, perceived dangers, harm and other enemy retarded crises. The Jain Mantra as it can be seen uses A Si Aa U Sa, the five auspicious and revered letters, which are the shortened version of the Great Spiritual Mantra.

Rahasyamaya Kali Mantra

This is a Shabar Kali Mantra, which is said to be a Rahasyamaya Mantra, meaning a Mantra, which contains a lot of hidden secrets. The Tantra further says that these secrets can only be revealed only to the practitioner who chants the Mantra with complete devotion; This Kali Mantra is believed to clear all possible problems, including mental, physical and material of the one who is practicing the Mantra Chanting regularly.

Two Lal Kitab Totke for Money

Many money, wealth, business and abundance increasing remedies have either directly originated from the Lal Kitab or are based upon the remedies given in the Lal Kitab. In this post, I have written about two more Lal Kitab Totke for the same purpose. These Totke do not need any other form of Puja-Tantra-Worship procedure and hense can be easily practiced by even lay-persons.

Lal Kitab Remedy for Liquor Addiction-2

This Lal Kitab remedy for breaking the alcohol addiction of a drunkard husband is somewhat similar to an earlier Lal Kitab remedy and follows the same Tantra. That remedy can be seen in the post – Here . The purpose of giving numerous options to harassed wives hoping desperately to remove the liquor addiction is again in response to the unending requests, such as “Mere Pati Ki Sharab Ki aadat kaise Chutegi” or “Mera Pati Bewda Hai, Kripya Upay Bataye”.

Peace Giving Yantra

This is a Peace Giving Yantra, known in the Hindi language as the Shanti Pushti Data Yantra. Meaning a Charm to strengthen peace. Pushti is also one of the attributes of Laxmi, the Wealth Goddess in the Hindu religion, the one who grants complete abundance and prosperity. The procedure to prepare the Yantra and use it is described by me in this post.

Chameli Flower Vashikaran Mantra

The use of the Jasmine flower, known in the Hindi language as the Chameli Ka Phool is very popular in Vashikaran, Mohini and Akarshan Tantra. These Voodoo attraction spells make the use of Mantra infused Jasmine flower oil or Jasmine flowers to bind a person under an enchantment spell in order to control and manage that person for the purposes of love, friendship or business. The Vashikaran Mantra given in this post is one these attraction experiments which makes the use of Vashikaran Mantra infused Jasmine flowers to put a sought after woman under a Voodoo Spell in order to win her love and affection.

Laxmi Mantra for Vyapar Vriddhi

A Laxmi Mantra for Increase in Business or Vyapar Vriddhi as it is called in the Hindi language is given in this post. The Laxmi Mantra is said to help the businessperson increase his business even if the business has become stagnant and hit roadblocks like lack of finance and customers. There are two methods to practice the Mantra Experiment ; any one of the two methods can be used along with the Laxmi Mantra given in the post.

Strengthen Money Direction in Feng Shui

The North Direction is as per the teaching of Feng Shui, the direction of money and wealth.  Feng Shui has highlighted certain specific recommendations to strengthen the positive vibrations coming from this direction and also to attract new helpful energy inside the home or office in order to attract money and make sudden windfalls possible. In this post, I have given the simplest of recommendations, suitable for everyone, including laypersons to strengthen and make the Money Direction of the House Healthier.

Bonsai Cactus Green Plants in Feng Shui

The bonsai and cactus plants are considered inauspicious symbols for the home or office, that is if one goes by the recommendations of the Oriental science of Feng Shui.   Feng Shui advises against keeping these plants in your home or office and this is the reason why the bonsai and cactus are unpopular and avoidable plants amongst the followers of Feng Shui. Feng Shui says that the cactus plant and its small thorns generate negative Chi or energy in it surroundings and this Chi is regressive and harmful for the home or office premises.

Shri Ganesha Totka to Pass Examinations

Shri Ganesha is the Lord of Knowledge and hence those striving to gain knowledge visit a Ganpati Mandir to have a Darshan of Ganesha to seek divine help to fulfill their aim to become knowledgeable persons. There is a most simple yet effective Totka for students to succeed in examinations , which involves a simple form of Ganesha Worship, which I have described in this post.

Mantra Remedy to Cure Diabetics

Diabetics, Premaha Rog in Ayurveda and Madhumeha in Hindi can change the entire lifestyle of the patient and can turn into a killer and life threatening disease if left uncontrolled.  In this post, I have described an uncommon India cure for Diabetics by infusing Kali Miri [Black Pepper] with a Hindu Healing Mantra. The simple Mantra Prayoga can be practiced easily by anyone who believes in Indian Mantra Healing Therapy.

Shri Krishna Vidya Gopal Mantra Sadhana

The Shri Krishna Vidya Gopal Mantra is considered to be an extremely useful knowledge and brainpower enhancing Mantra. Though normally prescribed as an aid for student striving to gather knowledge, the Mantra can be chanted by anyone who is engaged in the quest for knowledge. In the post below is the recommended way to perform this Mantra Sadhana .

Durga Saptashati Mantra Talisman for House

In this post, I have written about a most effective Durga Saptashati [दुर्गासप्तशती] Mantra- Talisman from your home. The Talisman is believed to prevent illness, disease, evil entities, and vibrations, including spirits, ghosts and Atrupta Atmas from entering the premises and causing harm and strife.

The Period Preceding Kalki Avatar

The final days of the Kali Yuga will see a lot of paranormal movements, the visible movements of the Tamsik, Rajsik and Satvik energies, which control everything in the Universe. The Tamsik energies will be at their highest level [75% of all the energies that populate the world] at the peak of the Kali Yuga. The 75% level, which I have pointed out earlier, is the benchmark in Hindu Cosmology when the dominance of that particular energy will be challenged by the other two energies to restore the balance of nature.

Vashikaran Mantra with Food

The Vashikaran Mantra Sadhana given in this post has to be performed only during the Eclipse period; it can be a Solar or Lunar Eclipse. The Siddhi Sadhana will not be fruitful on any other day. The Siddhi Sadhana can be performed in two different ways on this day- 1] Standing waist high in water, in a river, lake, canal or sea. 2] In the Puja Kaksha of any temple, this is an area in front of the Idol of the deity where that deity is worshiped by the temple priests. The Sadhaka has to chant the Vashikaran Mantra given in the image 10,000 times using a Rudraksha Beads Japa Mala.

Modi Versus Kejriwal Contest Prediction

The future is dynamic and ever changing, the probable sequence of events, which are going to occur in the future, changes every second. Hence, what may actually happen tomorrow could be completely different from what is being predicted today, this is the reason why most astrologers fail to predict the future accurately.  I am writing this article in the context of the prediction of a Narendra Modi versus Arvind Kejriwal fight, which is all set to dominate the Indian political scene in the near future.

Vedic Mantra for getting Good Sleep

This Vedic Sanskrit Mantra for getting good sleep is from the divine Mantra Collection of the Durgā Saptashatī, one of the most famous, popular and sacred of the Hindu religious texts, which is devotionally chanted by Millions of Hindus all over the world. Hence, this Mantra is believed to be most powerful and beneficial in getting sound and good sleep .

Mantra Yantra for Beautiful Wife

Many young men write to me requesting for a special Mantra- Yantra or Tantra to get a beautiful and sexy wife. It is especially for these persons that I have included in this post a special Yantra, which has to be infused by a simple Guru Mantra and worn like a good luck charm. In the post below, I have explained the Tantra to practice this Tantric Experiment to marry a good-looking wife.