Navnath Mantras to Remove Bhanamati

Bhanamati is a term, which is commonly used in some Indian states like Maharashtra and the Southern States to describe alleged paranormal phenomena, Voodoo and magical activity. The most common cases of alleged Bhanamati involve thing appearing and disappearing magically, stones, bones, dirt and other items falling down from the skies upon a house or a person behaving in a completely irrational and illogical manner, which leads others to believe that he has been possessed by unknown mystic entities.

Hence, Bhanamati is wide term, which includes everything, which can be termed as a paranormal phenomena.  This includes what is known as the Poltergeist, a mystic supernatural entity, which is known to create all kinds of disturbances and sounds, which appear out of nowhere and hence cause fear and dread.

There are a lot of Mantra, Yantra remedies and Totke practiced to get relief from the alleged paranormal phenomena. One of the most effective methods to tackle any kind of Bhanamati, even that of the most powerful kind is to chant the Mantra of  names of Nine Navnath Gurus - ॐ चैतन्य मछिन्द्रानाथाय नमः || ….. Om Chaitanya Machhindranathaya Namah ||….. , followed by the names of the other eight Navnath Gurus.

Apart, from the chanting of the Navnath Mantra mentioned above, sprinkling of Vibhuti from a Navnath Mandir all over the house or mixed in drinking water is also said to be most effective according to the followers of the Nath Sampradaya.

There are also numerous Tantras, Yantras, Mantras and remedies that we have published on this site over the past many years, which are believed to be most effective in removing Bhanamati from a place or from the body of a possessed person.  These include many Navnath Tantras and Mantras, which are believed by many people, to be the most effective exorcism Voodoo Spells.

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  1. Dear sir,
    Should I chant Om Chaitanya Machhindranathaya Namah, Gorakshanath, Jalandharnath,...

    or should I chant Om Chaitanya Machhindranathaya Namah, Om Chaitanya Gorakshanath, Om Chaitanya Jalandranath,...

    1. The full Mantra of each Navnath has to be chanted with Om and Namah included.

  2. Hello Sir,

    From last 10 days, money has been disappering from my house. This has not happened ever earlier. Kindly suggest what should i do.


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