Modi Versus Kejriwal Contest Prediction

The future is dynamic and ever changing, the probable sequence of events, which are going to occur in the future, changes every second. Hence, what may actually happen tomorrow could be completely different from what is being predicted today, this is the reason why most astrologers fail to predict the future accurately.  I am writing this article in the context of the prediction of a Narendra Modi versus Arvind Kejriwal fight, which is all set to dominate the Indian political scene in the near future.

It is true that Nostradamus predicted a Young Knight defeating / disarming an old knight, this prophecy was interpreted by me before the Indian General Elections as Modi defeating his only challenger Lal Krishna Advani. It is also true that the same prophecy could probably be interpreted to mean the Narendra Modi versus Arvind Kejriwal fight, which is being highlighted by certain sections of the Indian Media.

The Nostradamus prophecy mentioned above refers to the coming Avatar, the agent of change, the one who will radically change the Indian political system and the way of life of the Indian people and give them Acche Din.  By Avatar, I do not mean the much-awaited last Avatar of Vishnu, the Kalki Avatar, but an Avatar who as mentioned above is the agent of change.

Narendra Modi was and is still being seen as that agent of change by a large percentage of the Indian public, the primary reason why he was voted to power by such an overwhelming majority. Modi on his part has to live up to that expectation because that is what the Indian people really expect from him.

Arvind Kejriwal and his fight with Narendra Modi as of now seems restricted to the local issues of the small union territory of Delhi, populated by a large section of the Indian Media.  Kejriwal has not spelled out his plans and vision for the whole of India, neither has he radically changed the life of the people of Delhi for the better, until that happens this much-hyped contest appears to be a non-starter.

As of now, it is Modi versus Mamta, Mulayam, Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati, Nitish Kumar, Laloo Prasad Yadav and others in localized contests.  I will write about the Modi versus Kejriwal fight when Arvind becomes a national leader.

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  1. I pity on you for dreaming power greedy Khujariwal as a future national leader. Khujariwal is a treash,Please do not make Nostradamus and his predictions disrespectful.(You have full right to wxpress your opinions or so called predictions)Stop labeling Nostradamus name.


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