Modi will bring back Indian Black Money

The Indian black Money prophecies of Nostradamus, about which I had written just a few days back, in the light of Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister of India, seem to be right on track. In fact, this was the first item on the agenda of the first Cabinet meeting of Modi’s Cabinet, just hours after he took over as the Prime Minister of India.

This shows how much importance Modi attaches to this subject. Indian Black Money, in Swiss Banks and other safe Havens is generally believed to be in the range of approximately 400 Billion US Dollars, but the actual loot stored abroad is far more than what is estimated by experts. In 2010, I had written an article where, the estimate of stashed loot given was $1456 Billion US Dollars; this is a far more realistic estimate.

The Nostradamus Black Money prophecy and prophecy on the Hindi/Indian Messiah/King/Ruler are related, they go hand in hand.

The owners of the loot, a diverse group of Politicians/ Industrialists and their touts, can be credited with the intelligence that they correctly identified Modi as the danger man. This is primarily the reason; they tried to keep Modi isolated, by way of fake NGO’s, social activists and front organizations, including media organizations.

The loot owners and their political touts will now try every trick in the book to stop the recovery process, which has been set in motion. Nevertheless, with Modi now being identified as the man mentioned in the prophecies of Nostradamus, he has to succeed, there cannot be any other outcome.

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