Many people leave for Space in Future

Many settlers had gained the full trust and confidence of the investors group so much that, as their assigned subtasks, they had been evaluating more from Earth seeking permission to move up to the high orbiting settlements. In fact, they were sometimes cautiously even more carefully restrictive in judging potential new safe settlers than the investors had been.

And meanwhile, the numbers of tempted Earth folks deciding to seek approval to move up was rising. More were concluding that such new easy robotically well served fractional weight living could become nicely superior over old traditional Earth living. This was especially more true of young adults. They happily expected to gain nicer better fun lives. The cable lift could easily much increase their newly arrived numbers, such as even rising well above many dozens each day, thus maybe 50,000 each year!

Current settlers were quite happy to help new arrivals become used to the fun easy living advantages of choosing to permanently abandon Earth, to nicely gain future easy (though vegetarian) lives now up here, with many past habitual tasks down on Earth instead up here obediently performed well by good serving multiply capable robotic devices.

Many new settlers liked posting to Earth relatives or to past good friends some happy new adventures up here getting used to their new easy living. And they enjoyed normally having at most fractional weights, making living more comfortably relaxed than in the past being stuck down on Earth at full gravity weights. Such postings or emails sometimes tempted others from their relatives or from past good friends to seriously consider also moving off Earth. Earth populations didn't much mind them abandoning Earth. This was good for Earth, at least slightly reducing some the recent excessive growth of populations in many nations.

As more were approved to move into the high orbiting Fullball world, the radius of the 3D balloon world would easily be robotically expanded from parts sent from source asteroid(s). From my earlier estimated populations chart, 1km would allow 52,360, 1.2km 90,500, 1.4km 143,700, 1.6km 214,500, 1.8km 305,400, 2km 419,000, and then millions in an increasingly bigger Fullball world, like 3km 1,414,000, 4km 3,351,000, 5km 6,545,000, 6km 11,310,000, 7km 17,959,000, 8km 26,808,000, 9km 38,170,000, 10km radius 52,360,000 settlers, etc. Ultimately a 150km radius Fullball world could have 177,000,000,000, over 1/6 trillion!

This is a guest post. Questions? Ask If interested in much more about advanced future folks living quite well in space, ask for DOS compressed email attached FBW.Z

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