Home Remedies using Mango

Mango, the national fruit of India, is also said to be the King of Fruits in India.  This fruit has certain curative and healing properties attributed to it and has always been used in some traditional home remedies in India. In this post, I have included some interesting home remedies, which make the use of Mangoes and the parts of the Mango tree.

Mangoes are good in solving chronic indigestion problems

Mangoes are rich in Vitamin E content and hence most beneficial for the health of the skin.

Mangoes are beneficial in controlling Cholesterol related ailments.

In India, it is believed that chewing the leaves of the Mango Tree make the Gums strong and resolve Gum related ailments.

Motion Sickness resulting from travelling can be controlled by chewing Mango leaves.

Mango Pulp can be digested easily and quickly by adding a teaspoon of Pure Ghee [Clarified Butter] to the Mango Pulp.

Coconut Oil mixed with Mango Flowers and little bit of Water, is boiled and then mixed in regular Hair Oil and used as a remedy for removing Dandruff.

Fresh Mango leaves are added to Water and boiled until the Water evaporates to about one fourth of the original quantity. This water is then filtered through a fine strainer or a Muslin Cloth to remove solid particles. Then a couple of drops of this Water are inserted into the Eyes as a remedy for soothing tired Eyes and Eye infections like Stye.

Disclaimer – Article written solely for information purposes only and not to advocate the use of these remedies by anyone. Consult your physician for allergies and advise before using these remedies.

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  1. Hi Neel Sir, I want your desperate clarification, please help me. I have started doing hanuman shakti sadhana from April 16 chanting fixed number 1000 chants everyday. Till now I have covered upto 35000 chants. Since I'm working I chanted 700 time in the morning while traveling to office and 300 times while returning home. Im left with 65000 times more to attain siddhi. As I have off on Saturday and Sunday I'm willing to recite 3000 times to complete this sadhana. Can I go ahead with this or should I continue with fixed number of 1000 times only. Need your help very desperately. Please let me know Guruji.

    1. You can chant the Mantra 3000 times on Saturdays and Sundays and 1000 times on other days.

  2. I'm extremely thankful deeply from my heart to you Neel Guruji. Whenever I have suffered most in my life including my family members.I have visited your site which gave
    me a ray of hope to all my problems. I have been ditched by a girl who promised to get me married after I had introduced here to all my family members. She left me and has moved to noida for high paying job without even letting me know the cause of separation. I'm doing this hanuman shakti sadhana to get married with her to bring her in my life forever. Some days I had obstacles for which I have missed but continued later with leftover days chant. Is this fine guruji if I have gap of few days in middle of the sadhana. Saying thanks is not at all enough guruji but i am willing to fall on your feet once in my lifetime.

    1. As far as possible avoid any gap in the Mantra Sadhana and continue to do the chanting as pledged.

    2. Dear Sandeep
      I hope your wish is fulfilled with the blessings of Hanuman Sadhna, guidance of Sir Neel and your own faith in the girl who ditched you.


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