Interpretations of Dreams Regarding Health

In this post, I have described the interpretations of certain specific Dreams, which are said to be connected to health. However, as described in earlier posts, there are many other factors, which determine the fate of humans. The future in dynamic and ever changing, so remember that dreams are only indications and not the last word about your future.

Dreams Auspicious for Health
Dreaming about a wasp or snake is indicative of regaining good health and becoming disease free.

Dreaming about a Palace, Temple, A tree full of fruits, climbing the peak of a mountain, Elephant, A River or the Sea being full of water,  Swimming across a river and Muddy water – the Tantra says are indicative about a ill person regaining good health.

Meat or Flesh, Fish, White Clothes, A garland of flowers and Fruit – Recovering from bad health.

God, Priest, Cow, Bull, King, A Sage – These Dreams give the same fruits as those mentioned above.

Dreaming about those friends who are alive, A clean and clear water body – Most auspicious for recovery from major illnesses.

Most Inauspicious Dreams for Health
Dreams about riding on and a Camel, Tiger, Donkey, Pig an Buffaloes – Not good for health.

Applying oil on the body and going in the Southern Direction are indicative of coming illness.

Dreams by persons suffering from specific Diseases
Fever- Friendship with dogs.
Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases – Friendship with apes or monkeys.
Epilepsy – Meeting a Vampire.
Diabetics and Diarrhea – The patient drinking water.
Breath related Diseases – The patient walking on a road.
Hemorrhagic Diseases – The patient drinking blood.

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  2. Dear Sir,

    I am a regular reader of your blog.
    I am surrounded by so many problems that I could not think of anybody other than you for help.
    My brother and my whole family is facing false court cases filed by my sister in law.
    I am living in a far off place away from my family. My father or my brother attends the courts on due dates.
    I want to know if there is any mantra/chalisa/strotra or anything which I could chant/recite for my family so that they are protected. the lawyers are decieving us and not helping us. Rather creating problems from us. We have changed many lawyers, but of no help. my brother does not believe in astrology/occult sciences/mantras. is there anything which I can do for my family for their protection and for winning court cases.
    please help sir..

    1. There are many such mantra given on this site, you can if you wish chant the Bajrang Baan given here -

  3. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for replying.
    Sir, With due respect, I have read somewhere that Bajrang Baan should not be recited as it containes a line in which Shre Hanuman ji is asked to help and he is sworn by God Ram ji...matlab unko raam ki kasam khilakar help karne ke liye kahs jata hai, jis se hanuman ji rusht ho jate hain...

    Sir, i have searched 'shatru vidhavnsini strotram' on your site, will it reallly help me....

    Sir, one more doubt, i have read that one should not chant mantras by oneself unless given by any guru...but strotras can be chanted even without it perscribed any guru. and strotras have not much 'karkand' attached to them unlike mantras which have many restrictions or instructions to follow.....

    Will be obliged to hear from you...


    1. Yes, the Shatru Vidhwansini Stotra excellent for your purpose.


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