Liberal Thinkers leave Earth in Future

More Earth folks came to accept even small numbers leaving Earth for the high orbiting settlements. Also they were even deciding it should maybe be good too for their planet to help and encourage many more to leave. Cable lift(s) would affordably permit this.

Religious conservatives didn't object too greatly. They didn't mind having such generally more liberal thinking new adults permanently depart from Earth, thus in their minds slightly purifying the big remaining national populations. (Gradually, increasing numbers of adults, especially those younger, had been abandoning religions as unneeded ancient wishful proud ego boosting happy fantasies.)

Also conservatives had been concluding that, actually of greater worrying threats to their firmly believed loyal faiths, were religious folks of competing sects or for differing versions of God (Allah, Jahveh). So let young liberal thinkers depart permanently from Earth, quietly leaving religious conservatives in peace. Then such intolerant religious conservatives would be left on Earth with fewer differing folks to concern themselves with much. Some believers in God (Allah, Jahveh) had been actually debating whether they should pursue killing new moderns and their DNA makers since they had increasingly been abandoning Earth. Since they weren't returning to Earth, who should be much bothered by them secretly &/or quietly isolating themselves over ever more decades up into the high orbiting settlements? Who down on Earth should care much?

And why preach maybe attempting in the future to send up any missle bomb to try destroying the high orbiting settlements, since actually most in such settlements were genetically purely natural humans? And if ever such a settlement was blown to bits, wouldn't that greatly risk some exploded chunks falling down maybe badly damaging some towns or cities? Might it not be better (and easier and cheaper) to simply leave it up to God (Allah, Jahveh) to punish moderns, and especially their vile corrupting makers, with eternal damnation to Hell? Moderns hadn't been attempting any futile hateful revenge.

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