Vashikaran Yantra Troublesome In-Laws

Troublesome In-Laws are a major problem, having both physical as well as psychological implications, in most parts of the world, more so in countries like India, where the joint family concept still prevails.  In this post, I have written about a Vashikaran Yantra, which is said to act like a charm and put an attraction spell upon the problematic In-Laws and make them friendly and amicable towards their harassed daughter-in –law.

The Vashikaran Tantra is not very complicated any can be easily practiced by the harassed daughter-in-law.  The practitioner has to write the Yantra on a Chapatti, with a pointed wooden stick, using the juice or paste of any edible substance. The girl should then feed this Roti to a Black Colored Dog.

An Indian Attraction Spell for troublesome In - Laws
Vashikaran Yantra Troublesome In-Laws

This Vashikaran experiment can be performed on any day and no Puja-Archana or Mantra Chanting is needed. This is an one time Vashikaran experiment.

The experiment can also be practiced by men, who are facing any kind of problems from their In-Laws.

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  1. Can we write it with carrot juice (edible substance) and then have to make the roti?
    Should we give it only to a black Dog

    1. Prepare a rote and then draw the Yantra on it with the carrot juice.
      As per the Tantra, it has to be given to only a Black Dog.

  2. Thankyou Sir, what I tried to ask in the second line was whether I can give it to a "Black and White " mixed or full black dog?

  3. After how many days will the effect can be seen after performing the ritual

    1. It does not take long for the results for such paranormal experiments to materialise.

  4. Dear Sir,
    will you please suggest remedy for harassment caused by sisters-in-law (husband's sisters)?

    1. There are many remedies, including this one for this specific problem given on this site, we leave it to the readers to decide, which one is suitable for them.

  5. Sir. Is the yantra to be drawn in specific amuk word first then amuk word... Or can the words be drawn randomly

    1. There are no special rules for drawing the Yantra.

  6. Thank you sir.. It is for newly married sister whose mother in law is giving her a hard time..

  7. Sir...can a male use this for his in laws..

    1. No harm in trying, in my opinion it should work.


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