Prophecies on Narendra Modi - 2

The first stage of the prophecies and predictions on Narendra Modi, published by this site, much before Modi arrived on the national scene has been fulfilled. These future prophecies were written around the time, when Modi’s rivals dismissed him with contempt and screamed that he would never become a national leader.

Now Modi looms over the Indian Political scene like a giant and his most powerful rivals appear like pygmies in comparison. Modi as this site predicted earlier, will be an agent of change and the political structure will undergo a sea change, with Modi leading the change.

Now we arrive at the next stage of the Narendra Modi prophecies, the post 16th May 2014 ones. Some of these are already highlighted in the posts on the Nostradamus Quatrains, where there are likely references to Modi.

Will Modi emerge as the absolute ruler of India?
Is he the much-awaited Hindu King, who will become the most powerful man in the world, the one who will wipe out Pakistan from the World Map and set up his headquarters in France?
Will he finish off the Dynastic Rule and the Dynastic Structure of governance, which has a firm grip on Indian politics?
Will Modi end corruption and bring back the looted money stored in Swiss Banks and other safe Havens?
Will the Hindu religion witness its golden period?

The 5 points, which I have mentioned above, are based upon the descriptions given in some very interesting Quatrains of Nostradamus. Some of these Quatrains were interpreted and published on this site much before Modi became a serious contender for the leadership of India.

Now that Modi will finally become the Prime Minister of India, I will be interpreting these Quatrains in the light of the major developments, being witnessed in India at the time of writing this post.

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  1. i am a psychic myself, i made group on fb with name healers 2012-2015, because i felt everything that has to happen to change the whole world will happen in this time only, i now feel that modi is the leader that will start the process, but first i think he will make the ground and next year starting things will start happening... 2015 year will be a blast year full of war & things we can't think & believe in right now...


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